Autoglass and Windshield Repair Services By Insta Glass

The windshield of a car is a very important part of the car. It is the transparent glass in the front or back of a vehicle that helps with visibility while driving. Asides from this, it helps to protect the people in the car from external elements like dust, debris, wind, rain, etc.

Modern front windshields are made from laminated safety glass while the one at the back is made from tempered glass. The laminated safety glass is a treated glass that holds together instead of shattering when impacted even in situations of a crash. That is, it will only crack but will not shatter which makes it safer.

This kind of glass includes a laminated layer made of plastic that is between two curved sheets of glass. These two curved sheets are bonded into the windshield’s frame. These kinds of windshields help to contribute to how strong a vehicle is. Also, because they crack and do not shatter, they can easily be repaired.

However, if the impact of the crash is great, it can become broken or cracked beyond repair. In these kind of situations, it needs to be replaced. The tempered glass at the back of the vehicle does not have the same characteristics. It can shatter into pieces when there is an impact.

This means that the one in front can be repaired if cracked. The one at the back will need to be replaced by technicians to the specification of the original glass when it is broken.

How is A Windshield Repaired?

The windshield of a vehicle can get damaged due to several reasons. These may be due to hard fruits, small stones, seeds, etc. dropping on it while parked. These types of cracks can be repaired easily but is dependent on factors such as the type of the damage and size.

Cracks that are within the range of 2.4 inches are small and may be repaired. However, if the damage is greater, it may require a replacement. This may also depend on local laws that govern this. You can find common crack types here.

Additionally, a crack that stretches to the edge of the window typically indicates a compromised windshield. This will need to be replaced. Cracks that are circular, linear, or star-shaped may be repaired without removing the windshield. This eliminates the need for bonding which can result in leaking.

The location of the damage is equally important. While some damage may be small, they may not be repairable due to where they are located. Examples of these include those that are inside the windshield, long cracks, multiple cracks leading to complex damage and deep cracks.

To repair a crack, a vacuum injection pump is utilized. This is used to pull out air from the damaged area and an adhesive resin is then injected to replace the removed air. The next step is using ultraviolet light for curing the resin and afterward, the glass is restored up to about 95% clarity.

You can see more of this here However, it is always advisable to engage professionals. This is to avoid making the crack worse that it was.

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Windshield?

It is best to repair a cracked windshield a soon as possible. The more you delay its repair, the greater the need for a replacement. A little chip can become bigger. There is also a possibility that it gets a hit at the same spot and this will result in needing a replacement.

When the damage to a windshield is poorly located and obstructing the driver’s view, then it needs a replacement. Furthermore, if there are multiple cracks or the glass is damaged beyond repair, then it is better to replace it. Cracks that are greater than 14 inches should be replaced and not repaired.

Getting Your Autoglass Repaired

You can get an autoglass repair or replacement from shops that provide these kinds of services. They repair or replace all kinds of vehicle glass. This can be a car, a boat, truck, or RVs. They can also work on specialty or flat glass.

Some even provide you with added services while your car is being worked on. These may include providing you with a courtesy car and helping you clean your car after it is fixed.


Windshield damage however small needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This is important for your safety in many ways. Additionally, it helps you to avoid having to replace it because the longer you wait, the more it gets damaged.