3 Best Ideas for Creative TikTok Content to Build More Engagement

TikTok is not just a fleeting trend that vanished in some years. Today, the app has more than 1.65 billion downloads and the sixth major social media app around the globe, defeating Twitter, Snapchat, and even Pinterest. With such impressive figures, it is time to join the bandwagon if your brand wants to reach out to young, fun-loving customers. Did you know that 69 percent of TikTok visitors are in the age group of 16-24 years?

According to an article published on Forbes.com, there are many ways to ensure growth on TikTok and these include finding the right audience, using relevant hashtags, leveraging the analytics, posting trending content, and improving the bio. Unsure as to how you might begin? Here is how:

1. Post an educational video

If you think that TikTok is only for weird, silly, and cheeky videos, then you are mistaken. On the contrary, it is an awesome platform to share informative, educational videos in a simple and approachable way so that your target audience understands what you are trying to communicate.

Did you know doctors have developed large audiences by creating videos about relevant topics such as safety during the corona pandemic? Some eminent doctors have managed to garner over six million views with videos related to pregnancy, sexual health, and menstrual cycle in women.

Therefore, if you are in the medical profession, TikTok is an ideal platform to connect with a younger audience as well as young adults who are looking for information like sexual health, pregnancy, etc. When it comes to sexual performance, people might not feel comfortable discussing these things with their doctors.

Businesses that have trust on social media platforms can get their brand message successfully over to their audiences. Misinformation rules social media and therefore, it is essential to counter that by replying to comments and taking conversations forward.

2. Celebrate special events

Did you know that TikTok has marked International Women’s Day, which is on March 8 each year, by using the #SheCanDoIt hashtag to commemorate women content creators? The event was a springboard for TikTok profiles paying heed to women’s rights and their history so that they can come to the limelight. The aim is to honor distinguished women from the bygone ages.

Again, UN Women, a worldwide nonprofit meant for women’s rights, has made the best out of International Women’s Day to garner over 400K views on their campaign called #GenerationEquality. Posting content on women’s issues will help you buy TikTok views.

Though TikTok users do not look for serious videos related to gender parity all the time, yet on International Women’s Day, people are using the opportunity to share content related to gender equality. Therefore, all brands must keep an eye on forthcoming holidays and events, those that have specific relevance to their brands, products, and story.

When it comes to your social media calendar, it will help you plan and create content for such events so that you never miss them to reach out to your targeted audience.

3. Develop a useful tutorial

When you were just a teenager, you only knew how to apply mascara. Then, if you have a penchant for beauty products and makeup, you can use this skill to create a beauty tutorial and post the same on TikTok to attract the attention of young girls looking for beauty tips and makeup ideas. These days, you will find many people posting beauty tutorials on social media. If they can do that, you too can.

Then, it is not about beauty and makeup alone. All tutorials perform well on social media sites these days. People want to learn new things, more so, if they can break the same into one minute or less. For example, if you want to teach growing tomatoes in people’s home gardens, post a short tutorial video. Keep the video short, succinct, and simple. Do not make it too lengthy.

Again, short cooking tutorials are well-liked on TikTok. Many times, content creators cross-promote their YouTube channel, where they post videos on different recipes in detail. You can do so. For example, you can post a short video tutorial on making French fries.

Health and fitness is another topic that is quite popular on TikTok. You can pique audience interest by posting videos on simple home exercises to stay in shape. No matter what your business or brand sells, make it more interesting with TikTok video tutorials. Product demonstrations, beauty and makeup ideas, and cooking tips are a few to mention. The options are unlimited. You need to be creative and post tutorials that build user engagement.


TikTok is not about funny or silly videos alone. You can post serious and useful content on this platform as well. Make sure you create awesome content and post it on TikTok to build more engagement. It will help in increasing your followers.