7 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DUI Attorney

cobb county dui lawyer

The stupidest and a dangerous thing a person can do is to drink and drive or drive under the influence of any drugs or other addictive liquor. DUI is popularly termed as ‘driving under the influence’ of any stuff that can lead to life risk of the person driving as well as people on the road. The court will sue you, and you may be fined or punished according to the law and depending on the level of alcohol or drugs found in your body. Strict rules are structured, especially in Cobb County, and it varies from one country to the other. If you are caught by the police, to get out of the soup, you have to appoint a DUI Defence attorney who would know the process right and will safeguard your interest. But before selecting a Cobb County DUI attorney, you have to make sure that he is the right person for the job. 

Here are seven essential questions you must ask your attorney before entrusting him with such a tricky job. 

  1. How many DUI cases has he solved and or what are his experiences in this aspect?

As it is, you will be extremely nervous because you do not have much idea what DUI charges you will get and what will be its impact on your personal and work life. It is an emotionally vulnerable situation for you. Therefore, you need to find a lawyer who has solved hundreds of DUI cases and still have some under the trail at his disposal. Make sure he is experienced in the sections under which you are being sued. If he has a tremendous success rate and has been practicing in front of the court for a long time, he is the right DUI attorney in Cobb County for you.  

2. What is his investigation procedure?

When you are charged with DUI, there will be a bundle of reports and proofs gathered against you by the police to prove that you are at fault. It will include the charge sheets, the breath test reports, the blood test reposts (if any), statements from the witnesses, and the officer in charge. The DUI defense attorney you appoint must go through all the proofs very minutely. He must invest a significant amount of time in finding flaws in the charges or in building up a defense mechanism based on them.

3. Does he know the penalties you may have to endure according to the penal code?

For trying to make DUI cases nominal as it incurs life and property damage, the penal codes of Cobb County are stringent. If you are caught and charged, the penalty may include a hefty fine, suspension of driver’s license for a year, and taking counseling classes to let go of the addiction. While hiring a Cobb County DUI lawyer, make sure he knows all the penal codes, the penalties and has a planned defense policy.

4. Is he well-equipped to do the needful if you are arrested?

In most cases, arrest warrants are not issued if it is the first case of yours under DUI. But you have a criminal history, or you have been convicted earlier with the same evidence, you may be sentenced to jail. Your DUI lawyer in Cobb County must be prepared and experienced to deal with it if such a scenario happens. Talk to him openly about it. 

5. What is his planned defense strategy?

Discuss with your lawyer about his planning of the defense strategy even before hiring him. A strong defense strategy will be based on weak proofs or from faltered charges. It may be, so some of the allegations given against you are false or irrational, and he can stand up in the court fighting for that. Remember, a well-planned secure defense mechanism is likely to turn the case in your favor, and you may not be punished or fined at all. 

6. Does he know about the agreements the court might offer you?

The court might offer you an agreement that if you accept your fault and plead guilty, your punishment may be reduced or you may not go to jail based on your previous criminal records. The lawyer must know the tactics to deal with agreements and find out ways that will lead to it. Actually, years of experience and more success rate will make him a pro at this. 

7. According to him, how long can it take to resolve the case?

While you want your case to resolve at the earliest, court orders may take a while, and the process of trial, proving yourself not guilty, and defending the punishment may take a while. Therefore, you should have an open talk with your attorney about the period so that you can remain prepared.