Effective Recruitment Stages To Get The Best HR

Recruitment is a series of processes carried out to attract a group of candidates to fill vacant positions in a company or agency.

According to the National Business Association, 35% of the 112 economists who co-reported their companies had seen a shortage of skilled labor in 2015.

With the existence of an effective recruitment process, it will be able to bring in the best human resources who are able to overcome the shortage of skilled workers.

For that, we provide several stages of recruitment that you can do to make the process you run more effective.

1. Identification of the Type of Work

The first stage in the recruitment process is to collect information about the nature and type of work, such as tasks, the requested job output, and the suitability of the role to the organization.

Then, make a job description about the job description and the criteria needed for candidate selection.

Identify the competencies needed to carry out the role the company is seeking, including:

— Skills, talents, knowledge, and experience

— Qualifications required to perform the job unless the candidate is recruited based on future potential, for example, fresh graduate

— Personal qualities that are relevant to the job, such as the ability to work in teams, leadership, and communication

2. Looking for Candidates

The process of looking for candidates can be done through two methods, namely internal and external methods.

Internal methods include references from staff, succession planning, and secondary recruitment, while external methods can involve online recruitment, media advertising, and networking.

3. Manage Applications

There are two main application formats that are commonly used in the initial screening process by HRDs, namely the curriculum vitae (CV) or resume and job application forms.

Application forms are the most effective for companies because candidates will gather information in a consistent and systematic format.

4. Choosing a Candidate

Selecting candidates involves two main processes, namely shortlisting and appraising applicants to decide who will be given a job offer.

You can use a variety of methods to assess qualified candidates, such as by conducting general interviews, competency-based interviews, demonstrations, and presentations.

If you have found a suitable candidate, you can carry out the agreement process by signing a work contract.

5. Induction

Induction is an orientation program for candidates who have been recruited and placed in their new roles.

This is useful so that they are able to adapt and be able to understand the job description that must be done so that they become more productive and have optimal performance.

As you can see, this recruitment process is quite a time and costly.

For this reason, many companies prefer to use staffing agency services to get quality employees.

The advantage of using the services of this staffing agency is the company can save more time and costs on recruitment employees.

This is because staffing agencies have candidates who have been specially trained and given guidance so that they meet the criteria required by the company.