Local Services by Google: The Ultimate Guide to Local Service Ads

Would you like more people to find the services you offer in a Google search? Find out more here about local services by Google in this guide to Local Service Ads.

If your business is in a service-related industry, Google’s Local Service Ads are a great way to let customers in need of your service find you quickly and easily. This is a great way to grow your customer base and boost profits by standing out from competitors. This new ad feature will allow service-related businesses to promote their business above other listings.

These ads display your business name, rating, hours, contact, and location so that viewers can see all of your vital information in minutes. Make it easier for people in need of your services to find you by learning more about local services by Google, and the benefits that come with it.

How to Start Using Google Local Services Ads

The first step to getting started with these ads is to confirm your eligibility. This ad type is only available for certain industries, buisness types, such as plumbing or home service business advertising. They are also limited to certain locations.

If they have not rolled this feature out in your region or industry, sign up to be notified for updates and changes, as this ad type is rapidly expanding.

If you are eligible, you’ll be led to make a business account so that you can manage your ads. This will be a different profile than your Google My Buisness account, which is connected to your local listing. This account will be important for accessing your weekly ad budget, as well as editing any changes to your hours, contacts, and services.

How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Business

While this ad feature allows for more online visibility for service businesses, there are also tons of additional benefits that come with utilizing this feature. If you are approved for this ad type, you will be given a Google Guarantee. This is a green checkmark that appears next to your service ad.

This shows that Google has approved your buisness and services, allowing you to build trust with potential customers and clients. This will help catch the searchers’ eyes and show them you have a powerful endorsement. This ad type also showcases your past customer reviews and ratings, which can boost your brand authority even more through social proof.

Unlike other advertisements, like pay per click ads, you will only pay for legitimate leads. These leads can cost anywhere from $6-$30 and are much more cost-effective than PPC ads. Google will even allow you to dispute charges for leads that you feel are fraudulent or a poor match and will refund you if need be.

This ad type is also integrated with voice searches, which can help to put you in front of potential customers no matter how they’re searching.

Local Services by Google: A Brief Guide

Now that you know more about how to use local services by Google, you can figure out if this is an advertisement opportunity your business is qualified for. If you’re trying to take your service business to the next level this year, look into this advertisement type and create a profile today!

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