Recruiting For a Restaurant Can Be Hard, Here’s What You Need to Know

Recruiting staff for any work can be both hectic and hard. The turnover can be in big numbers making the recruiter tired throughout the interviews.

However, there are ways in which you can have low turnover but still get the right to fill the positions advertised, thus saving you as the recruiter time and money.

Here’s what you can do to make the restaurant recruitment process bearable and fruitful.

  1. Determining Restaurant Staff Requirements

It is good to start with the basics. Before hiring for restaurants, you must slow down and understand the staff requirements of your restaurant. It means that you know the number of vacancies for each position and how many staff members you will need.

  • Preparing High-Quality Job Descriptions

To make sure you have the right fit for your advertised open positions, you equally have to go out of your way to write high-quality job descriptions. It will help limit the number of turnovers as you will have specified the exact person you need for the job. A job description is normally the first thing that any employee looks for before applying for the job.

It is important to list out the specific tasks one is expected to perform. It starts from the basic ones, including the number of hours, salary range, daily functions, and position to be filled.

However, you can add more information to your description to make a qualified candidate more excited and inclined to apply.

Give information on the company culture, the type of food you serve (your signature meal?), skills needed beyond basic job functions, and what is expected of them (punctuality, attitude as they work, their work outfits).

A job description should be clear and to the point as it works well to attract the desired candidate to fit for the job. See more here

  • Channels of Recruiting Staff for Restaurants

There are various ways you can use to hire staff for restaurants. Let us discuss some of them.

  • Referrals – you can opt to take a proactive approach to recruit for a restaurant. It can be through referrals which is a traditional way of hiring.

Friends, families, employees, and even other restaurant owners can help you hire new staff by referring them to you. Referrals are mostly by word of mouth, but you trust the referees because they understand your restaurant’s culture, your needs, and whoever they are referring to you.

You can offer a bonus, gift cards, or extra paid time off to your employees who refer someone, and they end up being employed.

  • Agency or website hiring – even though hiring through agencies might be expensive, they are expected to produce professional and well-trained candidates. Other than agencies, websites are also a good way of posting open positions as it gets seen by many potential employees. Some several sites and links allow employers and recruiters to post their openings.
  • Advertisements – It is done by putting out classifieds in newspapers and magazines to attract job applications. In a world that is quickly depending on media, you can also put an online ad in your social media handles, which can be seen by fans and followers who might turn to prospective employees.
  • Training  

The trainingof hired employees is an essential feature of recruitment. Recruitment is only considered complete in any job space once the newly appointed are adequately trained and tailored to meet an organization’s expectations of them in whatever capacity they will take. It is advisable always to let your workers serve a probation period for a few weeks or months to ensure they are the best fit for the position at hand.

  • Employee Retention

It is more expensive to hire a new employee than to retain an old one. Research proves that customer loyalty increases once the staff who served them were nice and kind to them are retained other than when new staff is brought in. Once employees build trust and bond with their customers, it is a high probability that the customers will frequent that restaurant. Click here to read more.


The tips discussed above are some of the best ways one can use when recruiting for a restaurant. In addition to the tips discussed, transparency and communication are also key when recruiting. They are all interdependent.