What Types of Instant Powder Drinks Are There?

In this day and age of tight schedules, many people find themselves unable to enjoy the simple things in life, such as brewing a nice tea for consumption before work, or enjoying a beverage before they settle down for bed. Fortunately, instant powder drinks are readily available and take a fraction of the time to make – with options to mix them in advance and enjoy them throughout the day without needing a kettle or a kitchen. But what are these types of drinks and which varieties are available? We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the options currently supplied by reliable beverage manufacturers.

What is Instant Tea?

Instant tea, or as it’s more commonly referred to – instant tea powder, is a unique type of product on the market available in either sachets, or containers. As its name might suggest, it’s a type of tea that comes in powdered form, with the properties of regular tea, but with an added potential to include multi-vitamins and sources of macro-nutrients to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Brands such as Finlays specialize in creating these types of instant powders, with options to help improve immunity, help with digestion, provide energy, and many more.

How Does it Work?

There are typically two types of this tea, with the first being suitable for hot water and the second being ideal for cold water. Both types can be enjoyed in minutes, or stored in a flask or bottle for a lunch break later on in the day. Some types include sugars or artificial sweeteners, but as more and more manufacturers aim to cut these potentially harmful ingredients out of their products, most will have healthier, more nutritious options.

The quickest way to enjoy powdered tea that requires hot water is by boiling the kettle and then pouring or spooning in the required amount to create a balanced mixture. This formula can then be left to sit for a moment or two, and then enjoyed. Cold-use powdered tea on the other hand follows the same process, but can be added to room temperature, or refrigerated water for the best results.

A spoon can be used to mix the powder until it properly dissolves, or if the person is using a bottle, then the lid can be placed on tightly and then a little bit of shaking will help to breakdown the powder until it can be consumed.

Why Do People Drink These Types of Beverages?

For a number of reasons. From saving time that’s typically needed to boil a kettle, or allowing cold-infused tea to properly absorb into water (which can take hours), right through to the unique tastes and flavours only available from the different types of powdered tea – the benefits can be noticeable from the very first try.

Other types of powdered teas include those harvested from botanical parts and herbs, right through to types that have added vitamins, such as A, B, C and D. Manufacturers often strive to provide a variety of powders to appeal to a broader audience and as a result, most people will find that they have a firm favourite, or a collection of preferences that they like to choose from. These types of tea are ideal for camping trips, people with active lifestyles, gym enthusiasts, or even those that just enjoy the unique tastes.