Where Do Your Unwanted or Used Cell Phones End Up?


Expeditious! How many electronic devices do you have at your home? It doesn’t matter whether these devices are in use or useless for you. Electronic devices such as TVs, cell phones, PCs, laptops, bulky old computers, tablets, gaming consoles, e-readers, electronic toys, electronic accessories, fitness trackers, programmable thermostats and much more – they add up.

  • According to the report of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the average American household owned 24 consumer electronics machines in 2013.
  • In another report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these electronic gadgets are the fastest-growing element of what Americans are dumping.

And this is the biggest threat to the environment and the best solution to reduce it, just recycle your used iPhone, MacBook, dell/hp laptop, etc because of the electronic products such as computers, televisions and smartphones includepoisonoussubstances like,

  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury

Whenever you throw away your used or unwanted electronic devices into the trash, those toxic metals can be released,

  • Polluting air
  • Contaminated water
  • Putting people and the environment at risk

On the other hand, computer circuit boards contain invaluable metals that can be extracted and reused after recycling. But it can be reused only if they are not dumping in the landfill or gathering grime in a forgotten corner of a closet and these precious metals are,

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Aluminum and steel
  • Other rare earth elements

In fact, in Oregon, it is prohibited to put televisions, computers, laptops, monitors, etc into the trash and it is said by Patrick Morgan of Metro’s Recycling Information Center. Communities doing so expressively may be fined. Instead, these electronic devices must be recycled. Here is some authentic information on how to safely dispose of anything and where do your unwanted or used cell phones end up.

Where do your electronic gadgets go?

As we discussed above, all these electronic gadgets contain deadly substances such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury and brominated flame retardants. Throwing away electronic old or used gadgets and devices in a clumsily way upsurges the possibilities of these hazardous substances contaminating,

  • The soil
  • Polluting the air
  • Leaching into water bodies

When electronic waste is thrown away in a landfill, it leads to leach when water passes through e-waste picking up drop materials. This poisonous landfill water spreads natural groundwater with enhanced poisonous levels, this can be destructive if it arrives at any drinking water bodies.

Notwithstanding having an eco-friendly strategy, recycling normally tends to away shipping and discarding the devices which are buried in abysses. Ineffectively yet is the reality that a few recycling firms ship electronic waste to third world nations and change it as humanitarianism.

By different metals, such ae scavenging gold, silver, iron, and copper from the electronic waste, Masses of children in such nations earn their livelihoods which is injurious to their health.

Nations that are applied as discarding grounds normally have high rates of cybercrime as the recovered hard-drives can give perpetrators direct access to your private files and data. Here are some environmentally friendly electronic waste discarding practices that you can use to throw out electronic waste in the neighborhood.

Return to your companies and drop off points

When you buy the latest version, there are multiple companies around us that offer exchange policy and they take back your used or unwanted electronic devices and sometimes, they are offering you a discount on your new buying. So, recycle your used MacBook or any other devices as soon as possible.

There are a few companies who deal with recycling, have set up electronic drop-off

A few recycling companies have set up electronic drop off actions along with drop off points for different gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets after which they are reused. As well as, you can ask your nearby pawnshop about any information about drop off locations.

Visit Civic Organizations

Enquire amongst your government, universities, and schools for any recycling programs they run as a lot of organizations have started assigning a certain day and place for environmentally conscious citizens to come and drop off their e-waste.

This is another best solution to get rid of your e-waste, must-visit civic organizations such as government, universities, and schools for any recycling programs. They arrange many environmental seminars and expos to aware of the world. The best places for ecologically mindful inhabitants to come and drop off their electronic waste.

Donate your obsolete technology (iPhones, laptops)

Do you any useless or broken electronic gadgets that you no longer require can be donated as they may be advantageous to others. Yes, it is quite possible, your unwanted computer may be beneficial to others such as for NGO or needy students. Before throwing away your unwanted or broken electronic devices, you must ask yourself these given below 2 questions,

  • Is electronic product working?
  • Does the computer you are going to dispose of have any of your private data?

There are several organizations and big businesses that offer different programs related to the electronic donation which you can select from.

Sell off your old models of electronics

One man’s garbage is another man’s fortune as the familiar adage goes. This can be applied to helping you dispose of your old hardware. You can take advantage of online websites like craigslist, eBay or even hotel to having a carport garage sale as this will assist you with disposing of your obsolete hardware just as acquiring some cash.

Instances of this are old Nintendo computer games which can sell for as high as $40 a piece. Most electronic shops are constantly prepared to purchase your old gadgets.

Give your e-waste to a licensed electronic waste recycler

The positive part of electronic waste reusing is that you have many reusing choices. You have to discover an e-waste recycler who is authoritatively ensured by the BAN (Basel Action Network). BAN is a non-profit association of reusing organizations that are committed to reusing electronic gadgets in a protected and dependable manner. All individuals need to make a vow and show their Pledges of Responsible Recycling. So working close by an affirmed recycler implies that you don’t need to stress over dirtying another country or hazard losing your own details to lawbreakers.