Why Australians now order national police checks online

The modernization of technology has brought on convenience and accessibility for everyone in every aspect of their lives. Businesses and individuals can now get direct access to police checks and other relevant information regarding their contractors and employees with a simple click of a button. Store, access, update, and verify information at your discretion, organize and share relevant information with those who request it such as employers and customers.

Online National Police Checks have increased efficiency and effectiveness for companies during the hiring process, checks can be done regularly and quickly in one single setting removing the need to wait for paper-based forms and waiting for weeks on end for verification from authorities. 


Speed and Reliability 

Introducing innovation to one of the processes companies need to proceed through when hiring employees, online police checking has prompted fast and reliable background checks on all of their employees. To ensure the most diverse, qualified, and compliant workforce is achieved background checks have been manifested smartly and cost-effectively. 

A police check online application can be completed through your mobile, tablet or PC. After all the relevant information has been provided and the individual has been vetted you will receive an instant message on your mobile notifying you of your police clearance certificate being sent to you via email. 


Which was once a long process to conduct with a wait time of over a few weeks now simply enter all of your applicant’s details, in one place and we will guarantee their qualifications, employment history, and conviction history is vetted for and proved to be authentic. So you can focus on building a trusting and honest environment with your employees and customers. 

All research conducted can be verified to be of the highest standard because the information is only accepted from official websites and institutions.

Effective national police checks can be requested and conducted from the comfort of your home or workplace. Further to this, you can order a national police check regardless of what state you are based in. A NSW police check certificate can be ordered online from anywhere in Australia.


Businesses can successfully conduct background checks on a potential employee’s conviction history, credit, and financial standing, and even the authenticity of their educational background online at a low price. 

Police checks online can also save the company from facing substantial turnover costs. By conducting thorough background checks about an employee’s qualifications and their criminal history they can train and build a lasting relationship with them instead of having to fire them after a while because they committed fraud or lied about their past. 


Companies and individuals may consider the legitimacy and viability of police checks online to not hold as much credibility as those offered by local police stations. All our background checks and security information has been compiled after gaining access from the same central government database. 

Although you may notice small amounts of differences in the formatting of the documents provided online and by the police station both hold the same amount of credibility and are equally valid. Online National Police Checks just offer a faster, cost-effective alternative to attaining all the information companies need about the individuals they are hiring.