5 Reasons to Use a Plagiarism Checker

plagiarism detector

Due to the easy access of the internet, life has become much easier as they can effortlessly search, surf, and find the desired information within no time. Using the internet to enhance your knowledge is fine, but when you start copying the material and present it as you have created becomes a big problem. This whole thing is regarded as plagiarism, and it is discouraged much by institutes as well as search engines.

Due to the rise of plagiarism, plagiarism software is presented by various websites to detect plagiarized content. You might be confident enough that you haven’t copied any text from the internet in your essay or blog, but using a plagiarism software is still mandatory. There are several reasons for using plagiarism checker, and in this post, we will look into five of them. So, let’s start discussing them:

1.    Unintentional Occurrence

When you’re working on a blog or essay, there might be several points enlisted in that text that are not your words in actual, but you have read it somewhere. When you’re deeply drowned in writing, you write everything that keeps popping in your mind without considering uniqueness. Obviously, most of the text would be unique, but still, there is always a possibility of unintentional plagiarism.

Intentional or unintentional, plagiarism is entirely unacceptable. This makes it the first reason for using a plagiarism checker tool. Good plagiarism software will find and display even a single sentence or paragraph that is plagiarized. After finding out the sentences that are not yours, you can replace or remove to avoid negative consequences.

2.    Checking Percentage

Some institutes give an acceptable percentage of plagiarism to learners. If research papers or any other assignments contains plagiarism within that defined limit, then the students would be safe from the harmful effects of plagiarism on their academic career.

Therefore, you must use a plagiarism software that will display the percentage of originality and plagiarism of any text. You can check plagiarism online at plagiarismdetector.net as this advanced plagiarism software will show you the percentage of plagiarized and unique data from your text. If the percentage is increasing then the upper limit, then it’s essential to reduce it to that particular level or less.

3.    Getting a Proof

You might be doing your work with complete honesty and avoiding plagiarizing entirely. But there are always some clever people that can use your text and reap all the rewards. Not only rewards, but they can also claim that the work you have done is copied, and their text is the original one. It might make your website suffer downfall in the ranking or get deindexed.

Hence, to avoid such situations, using a plagiarism software can again become your life savior. When you run your text in a plagiarism checker tool, it will provide you the option of downloading the report that will show the uniqueness and plagiarism proportion from your text. You can save the report and sue the plagiarist who has copied your text.

4.    Deep Analysis

A person cannot scan plagiarism from his/her document by looking at all the available sources on the internet as it would take ages for doing this task manually. Even if you search it with search engines, it will still require an ample amount of time as they wouldn’t take you to the exact source.

However, the plagiarism software has an extensive database that contains billions of documents against which your text is deeply cross-checked. The in-depth analysis will provide you the sentence wise results, and if any phrase is copied, it will be highlighted, and you can also visit the matching source with a single tap.

5.    How good can you rephrase?

If you want to publish news or write some factual information, then it is evident that you will have to take help from the already available sources. But still, plagiarism has no tolerance. You can present the news in your own words or rephrase it, but before publishing it, using plagiarism software is a must. Using this utility will help you figure out how good you can paraphrase an already written text.

Some plagiarism checkers like PlagiarismDetector.net has also automated this process with the paraphrasing tool. If plagiarism is detected in your text, you can use this tool to make it unique without putting any effort.