CBSE Class 10 English Preparation Tips – Tips & Tricks

Scoring well can be a tough job if you don’t have the right guidance to study during your preparatory period before the exams take place.  If you are a class 10 student, You must be very well aware of the importance held by the Class 10 Board Examinations conducted every year by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This importance is given due to the results of Class 10 being the major factor that determines the subject streams one can choose to study in Classes 11 and 12. 

English is one of the most commonly used means of communication in our country and continues to be one of the main subjects that all students study for the entirety of their educational journey in schools following the CBSE curriculum. So naturally, there is great significance of the subject when you calculate your Class 10 percentage based on your performance in the board exams. 

The exams for English according to the curriculum provided by CBSE, mainly focus on assessing a student’s reading, writing, and grammar skills by asking them questions based on unseen comprehensions, literature that is a part of their syllabus, and writing activities like formal letters, notice writing, etc. Most students find scoring good marks in this subject easier in comparison to other subjects like Science, Maths, and Social Science. 

However, in case you need tips to do better in your Class 10 English examinations, here are some tips that can be proved very helpful if followed judiciously during your preparatory period.

  • The first step when you are all set to begin your preparation for the Class 10 English exam, should be to have the latest syllabus with you. There are often changes made to the syllabus by CBSE according to students’ requirements. If you do not have the updated syllabus that you can refer to during your preparation, it may lead to a wastage of your time and energy. It can also lead to a loss of marks if you do not prepare according to the correct syllabus. Hence, ensure you have the latest syllabus for Class 10 English provided by CBSE with all the updates to begin your preparation accordingly.
  • The next step after you have the right syllabus with you is to start your preparation from the topics that you have not studied enough in the past or the ones you face difficulty in understanding. You can also start with the topics that may take longer to prepare and then gradually move on to the other topics that will require lesser time to study. If you are making a timetable to study during your preparation, it is advised that you include at least 1 to 2 hours of studying the topics from the syllabus for Class 10 English.
  • When you are preparing from the Literature section of your Class 10 English syllabus, it is important that you ensure covering each chapter in the NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight. You may read every chapter at least twice to make sure that you are thorough with all the details that can be questioned in the exam. The questions in the literature section of the question paper for the English Board exam are prepared based strictly on the NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight and hence, if you are thorough with this book, there are no questions that you shall not be able to answer based on your understanding.
  • There are often students who do not practice their writing skills but instead, just take a look at the formats before they appear for the exam. It is crucial that you understand the importance of practising your writing skills based on the topics like formal letters, analytical paragraphs, etc. that are a part of the syllabus for Class 10 English. You may refer to the writing section in the sample questions papers or previous years’ papers to practice your skills. This is an effective way of understanding, learning, and remembering the formats that you need to follow while writing on particular topics.
  • The grammar section in your examination holds equal importance and without a proper understanding of the grammar topics, you may not only lose marks in this particular section but also end up losing marks in other sections due to grammatical errors in your answers. The syllabus for Class 10 English includes various topics like modals, tenses, determiner, reported speech, etc. that students need to prepare well so that they can achieve good scores in this section as well. Students can practise their grammar skills by solving questions from the sample papers or other grammar reference books that provide a series of exercises on all the topics that are in your syllabus.
  • While studying the literature chapters, it is important that you make notes of all the important details there are in each chapter. You can also make a list of the authors and poets of each chapter so that you can remember these for the exam. Once you have completed preparing all of the topics that are a part of your Class 10 English syllabus, you can practise and revise everything by solving all of the NCERT questions, various sample papers, and question papers from previous years. Attempting all of these is an efficient way of self-assessment as you can refer to the answer keys or solutions and check your answers. In case of incorrect answers, this is a good opportunity for you to understand your mistakes and rectify them so that you are able to avoid repeating them in your Class 10 English exam.


These few tips may seem common but are very important to follow if you are aiming to achieve 90+ marks in your Class 10 English Board Exam. Make sure that you do not miss studying any of the topics that are in your syllabus. During your examination, make sure you do not miss answering any questions by revising all your answers at the end.