Our Constant Fascination With Logic Puzzles

Each person has his or her own way to unwind from stress and boredom. Puzzles are one of those many ways a lot of us find relief. And let’s just get over the fact that logic puzzles are only for the smarty pants. There’s so much more to these games than just being mentally stimulating. Puzzles like picross, jigsaw, and Sudoku are satisfying and engaging for everyone. 

What else?

  • Logic puzzles like picross and jigsaw etc. are a favorite pastime and keep you engrossed in something meaningful.
  • These logical puzzles take your mind off the illogical stuff. 
  • You can pay attention to the things that certainly need your focus and keep everyday anxieties and restlessness at bay.
  • Logic puzzles are addictive and kind of meditative in nature – one of the major reasons most people like playing these.
  • Puzzles, be these paper-pen games or mobile ones, present you with some kind of a creative challenge at every level.
  • Puzzle games have always been a source of instant gratification and make you feel accomplished every time. 
  • One of those most obvious reasons why we continuously fascinate logic puzzles is because they are nothing complicated but sheer fun. 
  • By solving puzzles, you indirectly learn to get better at decision-making and take a stand for your choices.
  • When things in the real world feel chaotic, you may find peace, order, and happiness in puzzle games as they certainly make sense. 
  • Another obvious reason why we always fascinate logic puzzles because why not! If something allows you to stay calm and happy then what’s the big deal?

Earlier, most puzzles were printed on paper, and players had to either buy those or borrow from friends to solve their favorite ones. Today, these puzzle games like picross and Sudoku have beautifully transitioned on to the mobile platform. So these are convenient and more hands-on to play.

If all these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, why not try out a puzzle game yourself? Logical puzzles aren’t all math and difficult. These are fun, unique, interesting, and challenging. You’ll relate to the fascination most people experience with these games. To start with, you can install a Tetris game on your phone – that’s the most commonly played puzzle game requiring logic and not guesswork. If not that, picross is an exciting choice. It’s creative, logic-based, and absolutely satisfying. You’ll not even know where all those hours went by. You can also try jigsaw or Sudoku puzzles – in fact, go to the app store and dive into the ocean of available puzzle games. This kind of variety proves how crazed people are for puzzle games. 

So try a game of Sudoku, Picross, Mahjong, or Jigsaw and experience the magic.