The Great Three Tips to Opt for the Right CISSP Training

You have five years of full-time experience and want to take up CISSP training. Great! There is nothing like it. Then, how do you figure out which training is best for your needs? You need correct information that helps you choose the best training provider so that you can pass the exam with an excellent score. You need to study diligently and spend hours to understand the concepts of cybersecurity and information safety. There is no shortcut to the process.

According to an article on, many professionals are taking up CISSP for not the fat salary alone but also for the job roles and responsibilities that come with the training. Here are three tips to choose the best CISSP training:

1. In-person or online

There are three key options for CISSP, in-person, online, and live online. The best one is in-person because you can have face-to-face communication with your trainer as well as the other candidates. Again, in-person is a scenario that takes you away from your work or home so that you can concentrate on your CISSP studies and training.

Live online lets you access a live course remotely. You can interact with your CISSP trainer and other students through chat or audio, and sometimes video. You can watch slides, see your trainer, and often record these live sessions. Both live online and in-person options are ideal for you if you have problems following a study schedule. That is because they will define the schedule for your studies.

The online option is self-study, which is self-paced. You need to go through the CISSP review and then decide which one to choose.

2. Self-study or take the training

You need to figure out whether you need the training in the first place. In order to attain the CISSP certification, it is not essential that you take the training. It is always better to take training sessions but not mandatory. You can choose to study on your own if you are confident. It will also save you money when it comes to your training fee.

Then, self-study can take more of your time than training and even less effective if you cannot cope with it. You can take up self-study if you can manage time well, else not. If you are not focused, or fail to make plans, it is better to take up CISSP training. The choice is yours.          

3. Cost

It will cost you when you enroll in CISSP training. If you can pass the CISSP exam with the passing score and have solid knowledge and experience, you can bag a high-paid job and can earn up to $111,638 per annum. Therefore, even if you invest in CISSP training certification, you have nothing to lose provided you pass the exam.

The return on your investment is very high because you can recover the costs with a stable, well-paying job. You will need to shell out $1,500 to $5,000 for the CISSP training and get returns much more than that amount.


What is important is opting for the best CISSP training, pass the exam, and bag a well-paid job. It is a stable career option today.