Tips For Making A Good YouTube Thumbnail

While using a YouTube Thumbnail maker, there are important things you must take note of to come up with a good thumbnail. The finest YouTube thumbnails often have certain recurring elements. These components include strong visuals, comprehensible writing, identifiable branding, and eye-catching hues. Maintain a clear, unambiguous approach and create your own route. It’s always a good idea to try new things.

Important Aspects to Consider When Making A YouTube Thumbnail

To give your thumbnail a touch of excellence, you must pay attention to the following:


Given that YouTube is a visual platform, the addition of a catchy picture is only reasonable. Because human recognition is more likely to click on an expression they understand, many producers utilize photographs of their own faces. The video’s unexpected conclusion, a fancy automobile, a picturesque landscape, or any of these things may make good thumbnail candidates. The goal is to captivate the audience without deceiving them.

Straight-Forward Text

A picture with words placed on it may assist the video’s context. Some authors utilize text to emphasize a single word before adding the remaining information to the title. To pique interest, you may also employ words in a provocative or frightening manner. Having said that, keep the text brief and well contrasted from the backdrop since thumbnails have a tiny screen and limited area.

Unique Branding

Branding is one method through which artists make their thumbnails clickable. Each thumbnail’s constant design aids in identification. Others create recall memories by including their emblem or a well-known picture in each thumbnail.

Lively Colors

Lively colors catch our attention more than dull or fading ones do. Selecting a certain hue and slightly increasing its saturation is a simple technique to do this. Step back from your computer and see how much more attention-grabbing the altered version is compared to the original.

Use A face

The likelihood that people are drawn to your thumbnail increases by almost double when you use a face. Performance is improved by faces with more intense emotions and expressions, and facial size also contributes. In general, having more than two faces reduces performance since the thumbnail becomes less distinct.

The following considerations are very important in making your YouTube Thumbnail stand out. There are also things you must avoid while creating a thumbnail.

Mistakes To Avoid Making Thumbnails

A lot of creators make similar mistakes creating a thumbnail for their YouTube videos. Here are a few of the mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • avoid using suggested thumbnails by YouTube. They are usually not interesting. Always customize your thumbnails;
  • don’t make your thumbnails boring. To avoid that, make bold statements and use a human face;
  • keep your design simple by picking just a few elements to focus on;
  • avoid using the same pattern of thumbnail for all your videos.

Paying attention to these points will make your thumbnail stand out.


A thumbnail is used to pique the interest of prospective viewers and get them to click on your video. While certain thumbnail conventions may really drive away users, these errors are simple to fix. Make unique thumbnails that are just the right amount of both basic and eye-catching.