Top 5 Agatha Christie Books Kids Will Enjoy


We all know Agatha Christie to be one of the most notable exponents of the conventional detective story. The literary talents of this writer have already crossed all the boundaries of race, age, class, geography, as well as education. Although the template was redefined by her for a fictional form, individuals read her books during their pastime all across the globe. According to, Agatha Christies’s books were inspired by dark places and hard revelations. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 Agatha Christie’s books on the market at present.

1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 

The murder mystery of the affluent Roger Ackroyd brings the detective Hercule Poirot to King’s Abbot Village which happens to be Castle Combe right now. The suspense will be going to last till the final chapter of this book and there is going to be a spectacular revelation. While going through this book, you will find that the story is stunning and the location is likewise a visual treat as well. The Castle Combe situated in the Cotswolds area happens to be a fantastic destination for a mind-blowing vacation.

2. The ABC Murders 

Poirot and Hastings are going to meet in the city of London where there is a fresh case. People are slain by the assailant in alphabetical order and the initial one happens to be Alice Ascher in Andover, and she is followed by Sir Carmichael Clarke and Elizabeth “Betty” Barnard in Churston and Bexhill respectively. Even though Poirot is unable to prevent the murders of the initial 3 victims he manages to get hold of the murderer in the long run. We land up in the scenic setting of Andover while following the trail. This is undoubtedly one of the best Agatha Christie books.

3. Peril at End House 

This story takes place in Cornwall where a party is held at the End House, guests are going to assemble, and eventually, there is a murder. We will be able to explore the town while Poirot is busy checking out every single guest who attended the party. The beautiful Cornish location, along with the attractive sandy shorelines, the azure sea, the picturesque moorland, and the small harbor villages will allow us to sit back and unwind ourselves while Poirot does his job in this detective novel.

4. Endless Night 

This story has been set in the attractive moorlands of Wales. Gipsy’s Acre happens to be a house far away from the hectic city life that happens to be the ideal dream for Ellie and Michael Rogers. However, the peaceful life of the couple becomes distracted by a sequence of fights and slow-acting cyanide. None knew that this wonderful countryside can likewise become a flawless plot for a well-planned murder. 

5. Murder on the Orient Express

The trendy Orient Express comes to a halt at night since it has been blocked by snowdrifts. Mr. Ratchett is found murdered in his compartment the next morning, and it is found that the murderer is still traveling by train. This case provides one of the biggest challenges to Poirot that he has faced during his illustrious career. 


Besides all these above-mentioned books, there are many more on the market written by the same author. Feel free to visit the local library and get hold of one of these books for spending your free time.