The company hires the life insurance group to ensure financial support to its staff’s families in situations where the claim is triggered. Let us see how this type of group benefits works, both to the policy’s payment and the coverage included.


There are two alternatives for the payment of group life insurance, according to the company’s adhesion at the time of hiring. The non-contributory type is one in which the legal entity is responsible for defraying the policy’s full amount.

There is also a contributory plan in which the worker makes a financial contribution to pay part of the insurance. The stipulated amount discount is made directly on the payroll to ensure that there will be no delay in the transfer to the insurer.

When the employer contracts this form of insurance, he ensures that professionals admitted after signing the contract enjoy the benefits of the plan.


Business life insurance offers different types of coverage. This will depend on the choice of the contractor. But there are basic coverages applied in situations of death or disability due to an accident or Illness. Know the most common ones:

  • Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident:The indemnity is calculated by the severity of the disability resulting from an accident;
  • Total Permanent Functional Disability due to Illness:It offers financial compensation for situations of irreversible functional disability resulting from a disease that results in the insured person’s deprivation of independence;
  • Total Permanent Labor Disability due to Illness:Allows the claim to be triggered when the insured person is no longer able to perform his / her work functions, without the possibility of reversing the situation, due to an illness;
  • Accidental Death:Provides financial assistance to family members when there is a risk of death caused by accident;
  • Death:It is the indemnity paid in death situations, regardless of the causative factor.

When there is a need to call the insurer to claim a claim, the insured or his family members must inform the contracting institution to claim compensation. If this happens in an interval that does not include working hours, the beneficiary or family member has the alternative of establishing direct communication with the insurance operator.

In that case, you will need to have the policy number in hand and provide all documentation that the insurer requests. The limit for the payment of the indemnity to be made is up to 30 days.

We remind you that group life insurance coverage will only cover situations stipulated by the legal entity when hiring. For this reason, workers must be informed about the protection guarantees with the company’s Human Resources sector.

Several coverages can be integrated into the life insurance contract, in addition to those mentioned above. Among them, daily hospital stays, temporary work disability, and funeral assistance.