Where Can I Exchange Bitcoin for Ripple? Places You Can Trade Bitcoin for Ripple

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Ripple or XRP is ranked among the top cryptocurrencies globally; and despite it currently not being as valuable as Bitcoin, it is considered to have the most significant potential. That is why a question lingers among many crypto traders and me; and that question is, “Where can I exchange Bitcoin to Ripple?” Initially, buying cryptocurrencies was a complex process as you had to do it using cash; however, now the process has been simplified by crypto-to-crypto exchange services.

Cryptocurrencies have widely adopted blockchain technology which is considered extremely safe and almost invulnerable to hackers. The cryptocurrency market also keeps on gaining widespread recognition and as a result, we are seeing many more people becoming interested in cryptocurrency trading. Ripple is quickly gaining popularity as many entities, including banks, are recognizing it as a payment option.

Many crypto investors are looking for ways to convert other cryptos to Ripple and not just Bitcoin. Fortunately, you can use crypto exchanges to convert your crypto such as Bitcoin to Ripple. In this article, we take a look at the top exchanges I learned to be safe places where I can exchange Bitcoin for Ripple.


Acquiring Ripple initially seemed like a complex process, but that is no longer the case. Nakitcoins is one of the top exchanges where you can convert Bitcoin to Ripple, and on top of that, you are able to convert several digital currencies to another. When you think of sites where you can exchange Bitcoin for Ripple, nakitcoins.com should be near the top of your list. All you require is some Bitcoins in your wallet and a wallet that supports Ripple.

At Nakitcoins, you can exchange any crypto for another one. Additionally, you can exchange massive amounts without any restrictions. With this exchange, no sign-up is required to do your deal, and even after the transaction has gone through, no holding of your coins till you sign up the way some other exchanges do. This makes Nakitcoins one of the top crypto-to-crypto exchange sites.


Binance was founded in 2017, but it has already cultivated a reputation similar to an exchange that has existed for more than a decade. This is because it has multiple unique features — all of which make the platform a safe and secure one for doing crypto trading or crypto-to-crypto exchanges. Plus, Binance charges a lower trading fee in addition to its faster speeds.

If you keep on asking yourself: “Where can I exchange Bitcoin to Ripple?”, then you have your answer. Binance is one of the top exchanges you should consider. All you have to do is sign up for a Binance account, and you can begin trading right away. The sign-up process is relatively easy as well. Binance does not support purchasing Ripple using standard currencies, so you have to first acquire a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and then convert it to Ripple.


This is also another top exchange where you can convert Bitcoin to Ripple. And just like Binance, you cannot use fiat currency to acquire Ripple. You will need either Ethereum or Bitcoin to convert to Ripple. One downside of Changelly is that it does not have its own wallet, so you need to have a wallet supporting both Bitcoin and Ripple. If you have a wallet ready, the exchange process is quite simple as you select the crypto-to-crypto exchange option and select the currencies you want to trade. Follow the instructions, and within minutes everything will be done.