5 Tips to Improve the Mailroom During COVID-19

As we try to establish a new normal at home, school, or work, there are going to be necessary changes to our environment. Sanitation, health, and safety are of the utmost importance to our communities, workplaces, and the world.

Take, for example, the typical mailroom. It is chaotic, messy, and potentially unsafe without proper precautions.

What are those precautions? Read below to find out 5 things you can do to improve the safety of the mailroom during and after the global pandemic.

1. Ask Employees to Stay Home If They Are Sick

Keeping employees safe relies on everyone to do their part. If an employee is feeling sick, they should stay home. You can disseminate a list of COVID symptoms to all employees to help them monitor their health.

If they believe they have been exposed to the virus, they should also consider staying home until they have met the discontinuation of isolation criteria which is based on symptoms rather than testing.

2. Social Distancing and Face Coverings

Staying at least 6 feet away from other employees in the mailroom can help reduce the spread of the virus. Establish physical boundaries marked by tape or signs to show employees how far apart they should be while in the mailroom.

Employees should also wear personal protection including a face covering and gloves. A cloth face covering should be worn inside the mailroom and while making deliveries if the employee is within 6 feet of another person.

Gloves should be swapped out regularly especially if a person has touched their nose, mouth, or face.

3. Use Electronic Lockers for Personal Items

If an employee has personal items with them when they show up to work, they should be stored securely in the mailroom. Electronic lockers are ideal for temporary storage.

You can find electronic lockers, like these fingerprint lockers for sale online.

4. Routine Cleaning

A clean mailroom is essential in preventing the spread of the virus. Sanitizing wipes should be available to all employees in the mailroom to wipe down shared space surfaces.

You may also consider hiring a professional service to clean the mailroom daily including all light switches, doorknobs and bathrooms. These surfaces that are touched frequently could be affected if not cleaned properly.

5. Limit Overall Contact

Whether it is in the mailroom or outside for delivery, contact should be reduced as much as possible. Implementing contactless delivery will allow employees to stay at a safe distance.

Employees should avoid sharing pens or any other tools with those receiving deliveries. Maintaining distance and limiting contact can promote better health for those working in the mailroom.

Care for Your Mailroom

Close contact in a mailroom can put an individual at a higher risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. By taking a few health and safety measures, you can protect yourself and any other person working in a mailroom.

Limiting contact, wearing protective equipment, and monitoring symptoms are all effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus in a mailroom.

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