Care for short hair – step by step

Care for short hair is necessary for every woman who cares about her hair. Short hair requires special care for it. Today we will talk about how to care for short hair.

Care for short hair is necessary for every woman who cares about her hair. Short hair requires special care for it. Today we will talk about how to care for short hair. 

Care rules for short hair 

Start caring for your short hair properly by shampooing. Washing your short hair should be done 2-3 times a week, but if you use styling products you can do it more often. If you don’t wash your short hair regularly, it will start to split and fall out after a while. 

Choose your short hair care products carefully. You should choose good hair care products according to your hair type. 

Experts advise giving preference to remedies that contain argan oil. This ingredient softens the hair. 

A prerequisite for the care of short hair is to keep the scalp in good condition. This means that 2-3 times a month it is worth doing natural scrubs, which improve blood circulation. Try to limit the use of styling mousse and gels for short hair as they make the hair greasy and also clog the cuticle, which can lead to baldness. 

Step by step care for short hair 

Any hair treatment must start with a scalp massage. This way, blood flows to the skin and the hair receives extra energy and is prepared for the next care steps. 

The expensive step is shampooing. You need to remember that it is advisable to add some water or herbal decoction to the shampoo squeezed on your hand and shake it a bit until foam appears. Apply the shampoo to the hair in circular movements, very gently. Then apply conditioner for short hair. Try not to apply a conditioner close to the roots of your hair as it will become greasy the next day. 

It is also extremely important to use professional cosmetics and accessories during daily care. The best choice is soft bristle brush

How to style short hair? 

Hairstyles for short hair are few and far between and for a beautiful look you only need to apply a small amount of styling aid for short hair on washed hair and blow-dry it. Wet styles also look very nice on short hair. 

Styling products must be lightweight so that the hair does not become overloaded and stays fresh for a long time. When using styling mousse or gel, remember that only a small amount of styling product is needed to create a nice hairstyle. A modelling wax will also work, but not more pea-sized, otherwise your hair will look neglected and dirty. 

the care of short hair does not take up a lot of precious time, but with regular combing the hair becomes visibly healthier and more beautiful, the silky sheen and shine is eye-catching and helps a woman feel more confident. 

Masks to strengthen short hair 

Special masks made from natural ingredients can be used to care for short hair at home. The egg yolk mask is very popular. Separate two egg yolks from the egg whites and beat them with 250 ml of warm water. Keep the mixture on your hair for 60-70 minutes and then rinse it out. You can use this mask 2 times a week. 

A kefir mask helps well in the care of short hair. Take 1 glass of room temperature kefir and apply it evenly on your scalp, massage it well and put on a special cap in advance. Keep the mask for 60 minutes then rinse with warm water. Regular use of the mask will make your hair softer and shinier.