Fundamental Things to Know About Oracle Health and Safety

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Employees around the world should work in a friendly environment and follow safety precautions. If any risks are detected, they should be mitigated sooner to ensure everyone remains healthy. Oracle Health Sciences ensure that their products and installed correctly, following the rules set. Again, Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) has played a significant role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health and Safety in the Workplace and Workforce

After the Coronavirus pandemic struck, most companies were affected. They faced several challenges, including:

Disruption of vital operations: If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, most companies get disrupted, and some shut down. However, employees can be advised to wear masks and maintain social distance to ensure they are safe.

Reputation damage of the company: Firms can prevent reputation damage by taking proactive steps. Thus, they avoid losing trust and poor reputation caused by social media. They ensure that the employees take adequate response when preventable outbreaks happen.

Duty to care obligations: When a pandemic such as Coronavirus strikes, employers should be ready to take care of their employees. They should understand their responsibility as employers and provide safety equipment such as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Lack of preparedness how to face the next phase of the pandemic: Employers should develop solutions to handling health and safety in the future. No business or plant needs to open up and experience challenges such as work disruption in the future, the spread of the virus among co-workers, and contaminated surfaces.

Oracle Provides Free Use During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused new hurdles to many companies regarding the workers’ health and safety. However, Oracle offers free health and safety modules to its clients until the pandemic is no more. According to Oracle Cloud, health and safety should be provided to the customers without signing any agreements. 

The Benefit of Using Oracle Health and Safety During COVID-19

Employees can register all health and safety incidents they face at their workplace. This also includes any COVID-19 incidents experienced. Apart from the incidents the employees register, the module also takes care of the reported incidents. This ensures that no matter how challenging the incident is, safety is always maintained.

For instance, if any employee contracts COVID-19, the other employees must be protected by keeping a social distance from the employee who tested positive. The Oracle Health and Safety module supports the process of the registered COVID-19 case by testing all workers who came close to the sick co-worker. Then they stay in quarantine to avoid further spread of the disease. The system sends a notification to the employee who registered the incident. Thus the employee knows that the situation is being taken care of.

Oracle Health and Safety helps employees and other staff to register any health and safety incidents experienced in the company. Besides reporting these incidents, the system takes action upon the registered incident automatically. This tool helps most companies to know about any health and safety incidents in the firm. Again, it allows these companies to handle any new challenges posed by COVID-19. Hence, safety compliance oracle plays a significant role in ensuring the health and safety of employees.

What Oracle Health and Safety Entails

Oracle Health and Safety is an easy module to configure in a company’s environment. Although, one can choose to make it as complex as they desire. Oracle has a white paper that includes every step and instructions used to configure and incident registering. Some of these steps involve deleting and re-opening incidents, creating incidents, managing incidents, managing questionnaires, managing email alerts, and configuring workforce health and safety incidents.

The reporting tool in Oracle is known as OTBI. It has a subject area where the module dedicates its health and safety dashboard. Thus, Oracle delivers accurate health and safety reports. However, one can customize and come up with their reports. All the reports help individuals to get a quick overview of their firm’s health and safety. Thus, managers ensure that their company is a safe environment for their employees. Again, if any incident comes up, they are continually updated, and the system solves the problem quickly and effectively.

The Oracle Health and Safety module is a solution for all employees. It’s mobile and responds and can be accessed by every employee. Therefore, employees in a company can use any device to report any incident that they experience. Even if changes are made in the company, all users can still use the system without complications. Oracle Health and Safety follows the following steps:

  • Report virus and safety incidents
  • Select the type
  • Enter the details concerning the health concern
  • Validate location info
  • Validate employee info
  • Take photo or video
  • Upload and submit

Data Security Within Health and Safety Module

Companies have information regarding their employees that external sources shouldn’t access. Employees also look forward to working in companies where their personal information remains private and secure. This way, trust between employers and employees. This also improves the company’s productivity.

Health and Safety modules can store sensitive information about employees. It has a tool where users get help with safety compliance and privacy queries. Regardless of the number of employees in the company, person-related data can never be compromised. Again, employees can use this system to get clarity concerning their work.

However, some information shouldn’t be accessed by employees. Only managers and developers should access it. Thus, one can ensure that the Health and Safety module ensures that the users can’t collect sensitive data. This way, the company operations run smoothly, and third parties can’t access the organization’s valid data. Only the top professional can access the company’s information for the development of the firm.

Companies should ensure that their data is always secure and they are always ready to face new challenges. Thus, they need the Oracle Health and Safety tool that ensures that companies can deal with challenges caused by diseases such as COVID-19. Whenever health and safety incidents are registered in the system, automation allows for immediate action. The configuration of this tool is in a way that every employer can use it without difficulties.