Here is how to buy a high-quality CBD Oil near you!

Tired of getting high on medical marijuana when all you ever wanted was to roll deep in cannabidiol? Buying cannabidiol online or in a store can be scary. Given that the ‘green boom’ promotes physical and mental wellness, it is albeit scary to shop for a product without hearing a beam of approval regarding its essence.

While you’re looking for a qualitative CBD oil to get rid of the headache you are struggling with, you get ahold of another crippling headache due to the search – guess who needs CBD promptly now?

We understand that you’re tempted to chew on CBD gummy bears that boast of containing CBD but, apparently, are toxic due to their heavy metal and high pesticide content. The superstores next to you and the market, namely Amazon, is rippling with products ranging from oil to lubes and edibles that rave about their CBD content.

But, choosing from 3000+ searches online on Amazon can be a drag – pardon the pun – as you can never be sure about the authority of the reseller enlisted or the quality and reassurance of the product on sale. At times, such products might contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC along with CBD, or no THC at all with CBD in fewer amounts.

How to buy high-quality CBD oil?

Mentioned below is a short guide on how you can buy a high a quality CBD Oil near you! The next time you type in ‘best CBD Oil near me’ on Google and ensure you go through the following factors on your checklist, then rest assured that you’ll get your money’s and trust’s worth!

1)     Consider the Amount of THC Level

With CBD legal in 47 states of the USA, it is unbelievable not to find hemp oil in your friendly neighborhood mart, but is it contaminated with THC or pesticides? According to Dr. Martin Lee, a well-known advocate, and pioneer of CBD research, CBD shows profound effects on the human body and brain if combined with a small amount that is only 0.3% of THC.

Naming it as the ‘entourage effect’, he continued to support the enhanced therapeutic effects of CBD due to the addition of THC to the product. However, in order to use CBD oil in conjunction with THC, it is necessary that you check the legalization of medical marijuana in your state, including the minimum age that’s allowed for its purchase.

2)     Find the Source of Organically-grown Hemp

Not all CBD products are derived from medical marijuana – many come from hemp, making it absolutely vital to acknowledge the source of your medical and recreational CBD before purchase and use. Colorado and Oregon, for instance, have been associated with hemp long before Kentucky legalized farmers for growing the plant in 2013.

According to Colleen Lanier, who oversees the Hemp Industry Association as an executive director in the States, Colorado’s hemp program is reputed and subject to federal testing as well. CBD products that are either imported or purchased from foreign countries have no check and balance over their THC and pesticide level by the state’s agricultural testing program and, henceforth, can prove to be harmful and extremely toxic.

3)     Check the Label for CBD Dosage, Content Amount, and Type


According to Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Albany, State University of New York, it is essential to check the amount of CBD contained along with the dosage advised when purchasing a CBD product online or in-store. Most commonly, the dosage is expressed in milligrams, such as in the case of CBD tinctures, where the optimum dosage is 10mg per usage.

Type and Content of Cannabinoids:

While the dosage can vary with the type of product, it can also vary with the type of contents enlisted on the label. Most brands don’t care about enlisting the amount of both THC and CBD separately, and would most probably put the total amount of cannabinoids on the label. With the total amount displayed, you can never be too sure about the content of CBD alone, as such brands aim for less scrutiny and decreased vigilance from the FDA regarding their products’ manufactured contents.

Check the COA of CBD products that are advertised as either ‘full-spectrum’ or ‘whole plant’ as they might contain additional content such as fatty acids with a boasted reputation of benefits.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Medical Association in 2017, around 26% of tested CBD products were reported to contain a significantly lesser amount of CBD as compared to what their label advertised. NBC New York even tested CBD products at a third-party lab where the products were reported to contain at least four times more lead as compared to the amount that’s approved and allowed by the FDA.

Hemp Oil or CBD Oil?

Also, while checking the label, try not to buy the CBD oil that’s marketed as ‘hemp oil’. Hemp oil contains CBD oil that’s derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and basically has little to negligible amounts of CBD in the product. CBD oil that’s rich in cannabidiol will not only be marketed as pure CBD oil, but you can check the label or ask the reseller for its source, which comes from the hemp plant’s leaves, flowering tops or resins instead of seeds.

Check for CBD Oil that contains 99% pure CBD isolate and comes from the plants of industrial hemp farmers in the states.

According to Dr. Boyar, many CBD containing products are made from either CO2 extraction or chemical solvents, where the latter might be harmful to the consumer. Cannabinoids extracted with the help of high-pressure CO2 gas might have additional health benefits, which are still unclear. However, the purity of the derived cannabinoids including CBD is unparalleled to that produced with the help of chemical solvents.

4)     Try not to Believe in False ‘Miracles’

Lastly, CBD oil can help you improve your mental health by helping you combat your headaches, insomnia, and decreased alertness, but cannot cure cancer or HIV/AIDs, or heart diseases. The FDA has put a stop to the sale of such CBD products that make loose claims and aim to fool the consumers. CBD Oil, however, has shown positive results as an anti-seizure or anti-convulsive adjuvant to routine therapy.

Parting thoughts

With all this said you don’t need to worry! Our short guide doesn’t aim to promote the negativity surrounding CBD Oil and similar products. All you need to do is make sure your CBD oil is FDA approved, and the content is similar to what’s being advertised on the label!