Kensington Street: The Next Endearing Hotspot in Chippendale

Some folks in Sydney may have overlooked Chippendale since it used to be a working-class area. But the beaches and posh areas of the city are worth seeing.
The once rough-and-tumble streets of this suburb have been going through some impressive transformations since September 2015. Apart from new hotels and interesting hotspots, top-notch restaurants popped up, particularly along Kensington Street.

Why Kensington Street?
Kensington Street is situated at the heart of Chippendale. Getting breakfast in Chippendale is a great way to get enthused about your day. This part of Chippendale combines art, retail, hospitality, and heritage as primary themes.
Today, this street is home to cafes, restaurants, galleries, markets, and other places of interest. Think of Chippendale as the newest downtown area to attract a lot of attention.
What’s There to See in Kensington Street?

You can explore the lofty industrial warehouses and the fine-grained historic worker cottages for starters. There is a lot of history that visitors can glean from when they visit the place.
The old meets new in Chippendale since sparkling new structures have been built here to accommodate guests coming from everywhere. As an additional complement to the offerings here, you will find interesting communal dining courtyards and rooftop areas where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Where to Eat in Chippendale?
Of course, you should know the answer to that question. The best place to find some grub in Chippendale is Kensington Street. It’s an entire road dedicated to lifestyle, drinking, dining, and interesting breakfast in Chippendale.
There are more than 25 cafes, eateries, and restaurants jammed into one street. Expect the shops and galleries to be a bit busy from time to time.
Several areas in Kensington Street are totally worth seeing. They include the following:

● Eastside Kensington
If you’re interested in fine dining, this is the part of Chippendale that you might want to try. Here, you will find old urban warehouses and historic buildings that have been converted into chic restaurants.
One notable place here is The Old Rum Store.
Note that many restaurants and food places you’ll find here on this side of Kensington are actually high profile. The food is pretty good, and the dining experience is well worth the money.

● Spice Alley
Spice Alley is also found in Eastside Kensington, but it deserves to be called all on its own. It’s one of the areas of Kensington Street that sparks excitement. Here, you will find communal dining areas, eateries, and cafes that can pique your interest.
There is also a communal dining area lined by a canopy of yellow lanterns. They serve a rather comprehensive selection of Asian cuisine and street food.

● Westside Kensington
Finally, there is Westside Kensington, which is the place for architecture buffs. Some buildings here are listed as heritage sites. The restaurants you’ll find here are pretty good, too. Renowned Australian architects designed some of the structures here.

Breakfast Anyone?
Another highlight here in Chippendale is the breakfast places and casual eateries like A1 and others. They offer takeaway coffee, pre-batched cocktails, salads, sandwiches, pastries, lunches, and an interesting selection of wine from all over the globe.
As a gentle reminder, when you opt to dine in any of the well-appointed restaurants and eateries here in Kensington Street, remember to follow health and safety protocols. Most of the time, restaurants can only accommodate a certain number of guests, so it would be wise to book ahead of time.