3 reasons why you should replace cast iron pipe instead of repairing them

Are you wondering that you need to replace the cast iron pipes in your plumbing infrastructure? Let’s face it. It is awful if to lose thousands of dollars due to issues with these pipes. Therefore, you might want to pay less and repair them instead of replacing them.

However, this short-term solution might not be in your best interests. While minor faults with the pipes require repair, some problems are more complex and make replacement essential.

As a homeowner, you wish to make the best decisions. Here are practical reasons why you should invest in a cast iron pipe replacement.

1.       Cast Iron Pipes Are Outdated

Imagine having to face a rusty cast iron pipe that leaks. Not only will it cause unsanitary conditions, but it will also have the potential to cause water damage to the house.

Most old houses got constructed in the 1930s with infrastructure that included cast-iron pipes. These pipes generally have a life of about 80 to 100 years. Since these pipes have mostly outlived their utility, they will be a nuisance. Repairing them will become too frequent of an ordeal. Therefore, it may be wiser to look for a long-term solution.

Not only is cast iron going out of date, but it also acts brittle. If you bump into a cast-iron pipe accidentally, there is a good chance that it will break. The longer you have these metallic plumbing pipes installed in your house, the longer you will stay exposed to risk. Cast iron pipe replacement may be the only solution to this condition.

You don’t need to worry about excessive digging in your yard due to the replacement. Trenchless plumbing measures make replacing pipes a breeze. The procedure is less invasive, and minimal excavation is required for it.  Modern houses usually have PVC, ABS, or PEX plumbing pipes installed in them. 

2.       Water Damage Is Typically Not Covered By Insurance

Let’s make it clear. If you are a homeowner, you are solely responsible for the maintenance of the sewers. You can’t rely on your insurance to cover for the cast iron pipe replacements.

A standard homeowner’s insurance covers damage caused by burst pipes, harsh windy rain, or ice dams on the roof. Moreover, there is a considerable probability that you do not have insurance coverage for tree root infestation. You can buy add-ons to protect you from costs related to sewer backups if you want.

There are so many reasons that could put your house at risk of water damage. The presence of mature trees in the yard can severely impact the plumbing infrastructure and crack your sewer line through root infestation. When this happens, you will find soggy patches of land, lush green grass, and a foul odor in your backyard. Damage to the sewer line is not that easily noticeable, so you will only figure out the issue once it escalates.

Incorrect installation and cracked plumbing pipes are an awful ordeal. Depending on the complexity of the plumbing job, a cast-iron pipe replacement can cost anywhere between $200 to $15,000. Once plumbing pipes reach the end of their lives, you must spend a massive sum of money on replacing them.

3.       It Helps You Avoid A Hazard

If a cast iron pipe malfunctions and a sewer backup occurs, you could be exposed to a hazard. A household with children is especially at high risk for illness when sewage backups occur. Not only is the house at risk for diseases, but electrocution and explosions are also possible. Therefore, you have to do something to protect your loved ones if you live in such a house.

Even your worst enemy doesn’t deserve to face a plumbing disaster.

Did you know that you can catch many awful diseases due to sewage? The list of such conditions includes campylobacteriosis, encephalitis, methaemoglobinaemia, and salmonellosis. You’re probably not pleased about the prospects of becoming sick due to sewage. Outdated plumbing will expose you to various fecal-oral diseases; therefore, you should strive to reduce the risk of sewer backups.

Things get ugly quickly when the plumbing pipes face a flood, have structural defects, or suffer a tree root infestation. Why would you want to remain at risk? Instead of investing heavily in a cure, you should strive to increase protection. If you think about it, there is just no reason why you would want to avoid a cast-iron replacement. A small investment in the plumbing system will protect you from financial harm and diseases.

Final Thoughts

Many old houses have old plumbing pipes that are reaching the end of their life. Therefore, it may be the perfect time for you to replace cast iron pipes in favor of more modern plumbing pipes. While cast-iron pipes were used back in the day, modern homes only utilize plastic pipes.

You’ll be stunned by how costly a plumbing disaster can be in reality. Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy provides no coverage for some types of water damage. Moreover, older plumbing systems can expose you to sewage backups and make you sick. Therefore, you should be proactive in your approach and invest in pipe replacement before disaster knocks your door.