A Guide To Make Your Kitchen Look Like One From The Telly


Are you looking for some kitchen styling guide? Whether your kitchen needs remodeling or you are starting to build one from scratch, we have solutions for all. The kitchen’s looks and cabinetry styling play an essential role, but the practicalities like the spacing, lighting and flooring matter more. And so in this article, we are going to focus on the practicalities as well as the appearance.

What is the definition of a functional kitchen? It refers to minimizing your efforts even if you are using a spacious kitchen. Earlier the kitchen used to be hidden in a corner. But with the concept of open design and inclusions of the dining area into the kitchen, we need to work on the look of it, harmoniously.


As for the startup, it is crucial first to jot down all the expectations one has from the kitchen. The primary purpose behind renovation or building the kitchen is to fulfill your expectations, and so you must be clear about what you want. After this part, a budget should be decided, so it is easy to get work done within the same. Budgeting should be done, according to the expectations and materials required. The next step is planning. A proper plan should be scheduled to fulfill the expectations within the range.

Detailed Kitchen Flooring

It is vital to know the space we are working with. Therefore, mark the location of internal and external doors and windows, so you exactly know the area outside and between your kitchen and the rest of the house. Now that we know how much space is available to us, we make the most of the area available. This helps us eliminate extra costing.

The Kitchen Layout

The layout should fit your lifestyle and your working style. Focus on the relationship of it with other spaces like the pantry or the dining area. A quick tip – the three point’s fridge, sink, and hob should make a triangle. Here are some kitchen layouts you can choose from –


This is the most popular kitchen configuration. The benefit of this kind of design is its versatile configuration to fit any cuisine. But don’t make the kitchen too full that it creates a problem between the triangle – the fridge, sink, and hob.


This kind of styling is taken from commercial ships and jets. It is perfect for small apartments that allow this type of configuration. White cabinets with steel grey granite worktop complement each other. So keep in mind to design one like that!


This layout uses the kitchen space dramatically but efficiently. If you are renovating your kitchen, then this layout may be expensive because you have to get a wall broken down. But if not, then the island has more uses than thought. You can keep things on it, chop, eat study, and work. The countertop can be made of steel grey granite worktop which provides a smooth and clear surface.


In this type, the cabinets are lined up against three walls giving enormous storage space. Make sure that there is room for movement. This layout works well with apartments.

Ultimate Style of the Kitchen

After considering the practicalities, it is time to speak of the looks of the kitchen. Here is a list of few ideas –

Contemporary Flat-Fronted

These are modern in appearance with complement cabinets, and modern finishing bar handles.

Shaker Style Cabinets

This is based on a simple style, shaker styled cabinets are evergreen, and if you opt for wooden cabinets, steel grey granite worktops work the best with it.

Georgian and Victorian Paneled Door Kitchens

The paneled cabinets give a vintage look with grand effect.

Ultra-Modern High-Gloss Cabinetry

As the name suggests, it gives a mark of elegance and modernity. But do you prefer a matt finish? No worry! Because they offer a matt finish also.

Kitchen Splashback

While cooking or washing the utensils, the slashes of oil and water spoil the surface behind so it is a great deal to have a kitchen splashback to protect the same. You can use the same worktop material, tiles, glass, mirror or stainless steel whatever goes best with the style.

These are the few ideas we could come up with to style your kitchen just like on the TV. Incorporate these tips and suggestions to have one like on the TV.