How to Select the Right Home Theater Seating

Since the invention of moving pictures which saw many folks troop into cinema houses to watch the latest blockbuster, we are still fascinated by moving pictures even to date.

If you didn’t know about the history of cinema, read this article to learn more about the history of cinema. Nowadays, we still go to cinema theaters and many have decided to have these movie theaters in their homes.

All you need is a very large flat-screen television, a good surround sound system, and certain accessories. We almost forgot; you need to get proper seating. Or do you stand and see the movies when you go to the theaters, of course not.

The seats you choose will determine how enjoyable and comfortable the whole viewing experience will be. While many have mastered the art of selecting the right television and surround system, mastering the art of selecting the right home theater seating remains elusive for a good number of folks.

Therefore, in this brief article, we will provide you with a few tips that will enable you to master the art of selecting the right home theater seating. 

Measure the Current Available Space – Tip #1

You shouldn’t just visit an online shop or go to a physical shop to get the seats; such an action will likely backfire. Instead of doing that, you should get your measurement tape out and measure the space that you have available.

When measuring the space, ensure that you leave a walking aisle around and between the chairs. Create at the back and front of the seating a minimum of 18 inches to 24 inches of space.

These types of chairs are usually bulky and large to provide an expansive feeling. Therefore, getting the measurement will enable you to know what size and number of chairs to get. This will prevent you from getting chairs that will be larger than the space you have available.

Decide on the Number of People the Theater will accommodate – Tip #2

Many people think that the room to be used for the home theater has to be very expansive. Well, if you own that type of space, it is all fine and good. However, a home theater is simply a mini-theater in a home and isn’t supposed to be as large as a regular theater. Hence, you are responsible for deciding the number of folks you want per time in the room.

If your space is large, you can have aisles to give it that traditional cinema house look. On the other hand, if your space isn’t large, you can make things more intimate. Having 2 to 4 seats arranged according to the room shape and your preference is the way to go.

This decision must be made before you select the chairs you will use. This will prevent you from wasting money and time. It will also save you the stress of moving the chairs around afterward because you aren’t sure of where they should go.

Select Seats that Match your Décor – Tip #3

As expected these home theater seats have different finishes, colors, upholstery, etc. Most of them are either leather or vinyl to ensure durability and protection against stains from food or drinks. Visit to check out a comparison between leather and vinyl furniture.

If you want a chair that is covered with fabric, you can get one with upholstery and leather.

Irrespective of the seating you select, ensure that you choose one that matches your décor. Therefore, you shouldn’t be in a haste to choose. Carefully go through the various options and compare them to your décor before selecting the right fit.

Set your Budget – Tip #4

A good budget has been saving folks from making unnecessary and unwanted expenses since the concept was introduced. Hence, you shouldn’t kick this important financial tool to the curb. Instead, have a budget to guide you when you want to get home theater seating and stick to it.

Chairs with lower quality are usually cheaper; nevertheless, they can be okay if it is just for family or a few friends. You don’t have to break the bank in this case.

However, if you intend to always have lots of folks over and you are very particular about maintaining a particular status, then the budget you set must be higher. That way, you can afford seats that will appeal to your visitors and uphold the status you are creating.

Determine the Amenities you want – Tip #5

Home theater seats can be designed with different kinds of amenities. Some have storage areas for remote controls as well as other items while some have an area for beverages. If you go for recliners, you can easily adjust the position of the chair.

Apart from seats, you can throw in other furniture such as footstools or ottomans to create a varied arrangement.

As for the layout of the room, if you aren’t sure how to go about it, you can check some home theater seating ideas online to find out how you can set up this arrangement.


The 5 tips we shared in the article above are items you need to check off your list before you go shopping for home theater seating. Once you follow the tips diligently, we can guarantee that you won’t regret your choice.