Hybrid Flooring: Gaining Ground Inside Your Home

Laminate flooring and luxury vinyl planks have been dominating the floor installation market for years, the former for its durability and the latter for its pleasing aesthetics. Manufacturers have also been trying to combine the best of both materials. They have recently succeeded in the new floor installation, the hybrid flooring.

More and more people are choosing hybrid floors for their homes, despite the slightly higher price point compared to laminate and vinyl. To understand this, here are some of the advantages that the latest addition to hard flooring has over its predecessors:

1. 100% Waterproof
Overall, manufacturers already did a good job with laminates and vinyl. But if you were to pick a weakness in them, you would probably think of their resistance against moisture.
Hybrid floors did not only improve upon the moisture-resistant property of the previous floor installations. It went to an entirely different level by being 100% waterproof. This ground-breaking feature opens up many interior design possibilities for you.

With hybrid floors, you can choose any floor pattern you want for the entire space inside your house, including wet areas such as the kitchen and laundry room. Achieving a clean and consistent look is important in today’s homes, which are geared towards open plan living.

Additionally, general living activities are not as stressful without the risk of moisture damage. You can move comfortably inside your home without constantly worrying about spills and pet stains on your hybrid flooring.

2. Safer and Healthier Option
Since hybrid floors are 100% waterproof, they are impervious to the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to moisture. You do not have to stress over mildew and the odour that it brings. You can also forget about mould infestations if you install a hybrid floor. The absence of microscopic organisms will significantly improve your indoor air quality, keeping your family free from skin and respiratory illnesses caused by spores and bad smells. Furthermore, the materials used in hybrid floors do not absorb dust and are hypoallergenic, which is good for those with asthma or allergies.

3. Sound Insulation
Noise reduction is important for any home, especially for those with upper floors. This is where hybrid flooring comes in. The best brands of hybrid floors have a cork backing, which is known for absorbing sound. If you want acoustic insulation for the rooms on the upper floors, this is the perfect solution.

4. Most Value for Your Money
Hybrid floors may cost a bit more than laminate or vinyl floors, but they are still among the most affordable floor installations available in the market today in terms of upfront cost. What is more, they are built stronger and denser, making them more durable and stable.

Hybrid floors will stand up to even the toughest and roughest home environment. Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime residential warranty, which shows their confidence in their products. If you weigh in all the added features, it gives you the most return on your investment.

Hybrid floors are miles ahead in the hard flooring category and yet come at a price that is not markedly different from its earlier variants. It is no wonder that they are steadily gaining in popularity among DIYers and contractors. If you want a cost-efficient way to improve your home, consider hybrid floors.