Preventing Snakes from Entering Your Home and Garden Naturally


Having a snake around your house or garden can be a real pain. They pose a risk if they started to attack you, especially if you have a child and pets around your home or yard. Some of the snakes are venomous which is even more dangerous and can be fatal if they have bitten you.

Even if they are somewhat beneficial since they prey on most pest such as rodent, mice or rats, most individuals prefer to keep this animal away due to its risk. And most of us are going to kill it immediately if they see it in their garden.

But some people do not want to kill and harm this animal. They are either scared of snakes or merciful who only wanted to prevent them from coming around.

These individuals commonly used a chemical snake repellent to keep this animal away from their home and garden. However, some people said that using it will not always guarantee that snakes will go away. Chemical repellent for snake is only effective for a few days and after that, the effect of repelling wore off.

Some of the chemical repellents were expensive and it needs you to apply it on a regular basis to be effective. This is the main reason that using this method can cost you more. However, if you use plants that naturally repel snakes, your house and garden can have a permanent way to prevent them since you won’t be needing a chemical repellent anymore.

Using plants around your yard is beneficial for the environment and your health. They are a natural and eco-friendly way of preventing the snakes. They also add elegance to your garden and home that will surely catch the attention of your neighbors.

You can even harvest and use it for the culinary purpose to add some spices when you’re cooking. Oreven use it as a medicine to treat some illness and diseases.

You can find the list of plants that will naturally repel snakes below:


This beautiful plant is one of the most popular and known by gardeners that will repel snakes naturally. They have a beautiful appearance especially the flowers, which looks very attractive. But if you try to pull the leaves and crushed it, the smell is very stinky which is enough to keep the snakes to run away from this. If you wanted to get this plant, you can find and buy it usually in the garden store due to its popularity.


Garlic is very popular in any kind of dishes. They can be found almost anywhere if you go and see themarket. This plant is also very easy to grow which won’t be a problem if you try to grow it. It also has a lot of health benefits that will help you to lower your blood cholesterol, lower the high blood pressure and many more. Despite having these benefits for humans, animals and insects usually go away from this plant due to its strong scent. Snake is one of the animals who hates this plant. Overall, an all-around plant which you can use to repel snakes away or use it for medicine and culinary purposes.


Yet another popular ingredient for cooking especially in Asian dishes is the Lemongrass. They have a citrus-like smell which can be used to make the food scent more aromatic. Citronella oil can be extracted from this plant which is the main element of any kind of mosquito repellent. Due to its very strong scent, even some insects such as flies don’t like to go around it. Most animals will also goaway from this plant, and one of them are snakes.

Snake Plant

The last but not the least is the Snake Plant, which is also popular in some places and known as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. This plant may not have a strong scent compared to the mentioned above however, most snakes are scared from the looks of this plant due to its sharp-looking leaves. Planting the snake plants in your yard will only require minimal maintenance and care since they can survive even in strong heat and summer since they are one of the drought-tolerant plants. It is also known as one of the air purifying plants since it can purify the air and release lots of oxygen.

Final Thoughts

This is the natural way of preventing snakes from your house and garden. Planting some, or all of the plants in our list is beneficial for both you and the environment. Using this will also prevent you from inhaling and exposing your self from dangerous chemicals that were made from synthetic materials. In case you have any queries, just leave us your question or comments below and we will back to you as soon as possible.