Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Roofing Issues

Your roof is one of the crucial features of your home. It protects you from environmental elements like the sun, snow, hail, wind, and rain. Most of all, it also serves as a support mechanism for your home’s structure. If your roofing fails, the rest of your house will slowly fall into shambles. The details of your house are all interconnected, so you must pay attention to your roof if you don’t want your home issues to escalate.

When you analyze it, your entire roofing system comprises about one-third of your whole house. It is a massive structure that requires routine maintenance as it is exposed daily to the harshest conditions. If you’ve been residing in your home for quite some time, then a roof replacement or massive maintenance may be necessary. To help you determine if you need this service, do keep an eye out for the following signs:

Consider the Age of Your Roof

The average lifespan of any roof is only 12 to 15 years. Your roof will fall on the longer end of the time spectrum if your roofing material is made of metal. Should your home’s roof be near the standard replacement age, you should be concerned about replacement. Chances are, you’ve done some maintenance works like overlays to impede any leaks. These are quick fixes that hide bigger roofing issues. If you have a lot of overlays in your old roof and these patches are no longer working, then a replacement is in order.

Inspect for Missing Shingles or Visible Curling

Since your roof is exposed to harsh weather, it is normal for it to experience wear and tear over a long period of time. Beating from temperamental mother nature can result in buckling, curling, missing, and cracking in your shingles. If you can see granules and other debris from your shingles in your gutter system, you should be alarmed.

These are tell-tale signs that you have roof decay. Any missing or damaged parts in your roof mean you’re vulnerable to more significant damage. Depending on the extent of your damage, this may require maintenance or a total roof replacement.

Check for Damaged or Broken Flashing

Flashing is a critical component for your roofing system as it keeps moisture out of the joints. This flashing can be made of cement, tar, or metal. The material is dependent on the quality and age of your roof. Remember, joints are the most susceptible to leaks, so your flashing must be spot on.

If you have any damaged, broken, degraded, or missing flashing, this means you put your entire roof, including what lies beneath, in danger for water damage. Regular upkeep of your roof joints is necessary, or you will need to do a replacement sooner than you think.

Keep an Eye on Ice Ridges

If you see a lot of ice ridges or ice damming at the edge of your roof during winter, this is a huge sign that you have problems with the ventilation of your roof. When there is improper ventilation, the heat emanating from your attic will readily melt the snow on your roof. As a result, the melted snow runs off at the edge, forming long ice ridges as the cold air freezes it.

All of this ice may be pretty to look at, but it is actually causing pressure on your roof. This may pull apart your roof materials, which will then allow water to penetrate the inner layers of your roof. This causes massive damage, resulting in broken pieces and the formation of molds/mildew, which needs total replacement.

Look Out for Discolorations in Ceilings and Walls

If you notice unsightly water stains in your ceilings, interior walls, and exterior walls, it is time to be alert and concerned. These are classic signs that you have a leak. Try to mute the gadgets in your home and listen to dripping sounds. You must also check the insulation in your attic. If you feel that it is damp and soggy, then you have a problem.

Listen to Sounds of Animals Tapping on Your Ceiling

If a family of squirrels or rodents have taken up residence in your attic, and you can hear their tapping feet from your ceiling, chances are you have got a massive problem. Clearly, you didn’t invite these creatures through your front door. If pesky animals are living in your attic, you most likely have holes or missing parts in your roof that need immediate fixing.

Final Word

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, it is time to call in roofing professionals. Don’t attempt to walk on your roof by yourself because you don’t have the right safety equipment. Hiring roofing contractors just won’t save you from the hassle of construction work, but it can also save your life.