Top Reasons to Hire Tree Removal Service

Do you have trees on your property? The benefits of having such greenery are numerous, like producing oxygen, conserving energy, providing habitats for animals, birds, and insects.

There are economic benefits as well, given properties with trees are worth five to fifteen percent more than those without any. Nevertheless, sometimes, homeowners are provided with no other alternative but to cut some of them down due to internal decay, property hazards, storm damage, risk of infestation, etc.

If you are in a situation where performing such removal is inevitable, you should hire professionals to complete the task instead of doing it yourself.

These are the top reasons to opt for professional help.


A top reason for hiring such services is ensuring safety, as many injuries and property damage have been caused by the unprofessional handling of this type of work. Professionals have the necessary expertise to remove trees successfully, as they consider the position where they will fall prior to the cutting process. Unless a tree is cut in a specific way, it can fall on the property while causing harm and injury. Read more about how to cut down a tree safely.

Many homeowners believe that determining the best position for falling is a walk in the park. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to be the case, given the frequent consequences of people getting injured. Also, there is a threat to the roof, power lines, nearby cars, etc. Since the removal process is quite hazardous, the best decision would be to trust the job in the hands of experienced professionals who won’t risk the safety of anyone.

Property protection from damage

Another reason to hire such assistance is to protect your property from potential damage. Dying and dead trees aren’t only likely to incur damage from falling, but their roots are capable of wreaking havoc on your home as well. Roots are known to lift concrete structures on properties, which eventually leads to cracked driveways and sidewalks.

In addition, roots might cause even greater damage to the foundation of homes, which is a nightmare for homeowners. Trees that are too close to houses and property structures should be removed by applying the best skills to prevent them from falling on homes and other outbuildings. Professionals will make sure no branch crashes through the roof of your house or garage. It’s better to invest in professional services than pay for hefty property damage later.

Effective removal of stumps

Effective stump removal is another reason to hire expert assistance. When a tree is removed, there will be a stump on the spot where it once stood. Stumps cause various annoying issues for homeowners apart from their unpleasant looks. For instance, they are likely to obstruct your way while mowing the lawn.

Furthermore, stumps provide the perfect breeding conditions for fungi and pests. They attract insects like ants, termites, and beetles, which first deteriorate the stump and then damage plants and other shrubberies on your lawn. Visit this website,, to learn about the general features of termites. Eventually, they manage to infiltrate themselves into homes. Fortunately, by removing the stumps in your yard, you won’t need to cope with pests entering your home or damaging your lawn.

Tools and protective gear

Tree removal experts are worth hiring, as they are armed with tree-trimming tools and proper protective gear. Most homeowners possess neither the right tools nor the right safety equipment. Anyhow, professionals have chainsaws, crosscut saws, sharp axes, loppers for cutting dead branches, stump grinders, etc.

As far as safety gear is concerned, tree removal specialists wear special clothes and use special items to protect their bodies during the cutting process. For instance, a fall and rescue device is a necessary lift device that supports their bodyweight while climbing. The gloves these workers wear are made from leather and waterproof material, which prevent them from cutting their hands and protecting them from wet conditions and snow.

Moreover, hearing protection is used by these professionals to prevent hearing damage from listening to the sound of chainsaws. A helmet is a must, as it protects their ears, neck, and face. These workers wear special cut-proof trousers and boots. Safety glasses are necessary to provide eye protection, as the eyes are vulnerable to getting scratched or otherwise hurt.

Various services

Another reason to hire a tree removal company is the wide range of services it offers besides removal. There is a multitude of tree removal and maintenance companies, such as Treemendousinc, dedicated to providing the best services. For instance, most of them provide tree trimming and demossing services.

Trimming services are necessary for pruning weak, damaged branches and removing dead branches to prevent trees from overgrowing. In contrast, demossing services are helpful in removing moss on barks, which is relatively common. Even though most mosses cause no particular damage, they make your yard look unattended and unappealing.

Warning signs that removal is necessary

There are multiple warning signs that a tree requires removal, such as when it’s dead, damaged in a storm, too close to your property, leaning dangerously, shedding too many leaves, having a bad crotch, etc. It’s important for homeowners to notice signs of internal decay, such as discolored leaves, falling branches, mushrooms growing on the bark, pest infestation, etc.

A tree should be removed if it’s leaning more than fifteen percent from a vertical position or if it was severely damaged in a storm. The same is true if its roots are too aggressive or its branches threaten to damage property structures. Some trees are problematic shedders by being a source of unwanted branches, leaves, needles, seeds, and sap.

Removal is also recommended when there’s a risk of spreading the infestation. Trees infected by a disease or pest infestation will die eventually, but the infestation is likely to spread to the others unless removal is performed on time.

A final note

There’s no point to risk getting injured or damaging your property.

Hire the experts!