5 Best Places to Live in Miami, Florida


Are you planning a big move to sunny Miami, Florida? You’re not alone, over 40,000 people relocate to Miami every year!

You chose a beautiful city to settle down in, but one huge question remains unanswered: Where should you live?

Fear not, I have compiled a list of the five best places to live in Miami to help you find your new home in your new city.

5. Bal Harbour

Located about 14 miles north of Downtown Miami you will find the exclusive neighborhood of Bal Harbour. This beautiful, ocean-front suburb of Miami has a ton to offer.  

Bal Harbour is diverse, this includes a large senior population with some of the best public schools that Florida has to offer. Making this small, quiet coastal town not only one of the best places to live in Miami for families and retirees.

4. Pinecrest

Loaded with some of the most expensive real estate in the country, the affluent, but small community of Pinecrest sits nestled comfortably between Coral Gables and Downtown Miami. 

This town is famous for its great school districts, massive homes, and beautiful local scenery. Residents are commonly found out and about living an active lifestyle within this picturesque village. 

3. Coral Gables

If you take a stroll around this suburban beach town you will find stunning architecture that follows the neighborhood’s canals and waterways as well as gorgeous parks filled with sculptures and fountains. Additionally, Coral Gables has a ton to offer in the shape of highly-rated restaurants and shopping districts.

Coral Gables is also a great place to live for young professionals as it is home to many large corporations, including the king of fresh produce: Del Monte Produce. 

2. Coconut Grove

If you travel just south of Downtown Miami you will find Miami’s oldest occupied town. Coconut Grove, a beautiful bayfront community, is home to vibrant nightlife, making it a great place to live in Miami for singles. 

Known for more than just lively bars and restaurants, Coconut Grove also holds many marinas which lead the way to a huge boating and water sport/fishing community.

Coconut Grove is also one of the more affordable towns to live in in the Miami area. Not only can you find large beautiful mansions, but also relatively cheap condos and apartments.  

1. Downtown

Downtown, Miami has it all from a vivacious nightlife to a wide array of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. With so many different activities it is no surprise that the Downtown area population is not only dense but rich in diversity. 

Additionally, Downtown, Miami has good public schools and is a hub for many global businesses. All of these factors are the reason Downtown tops the list of great places to live in Miami.

While the cost of renting in this area is a good bit higher than the national average, Downtown, Miami is also home to exceptional real estate that offers its residents more than just four walls and a roof. Luxury apartments and condos, such as The Waldorf Astoria, offer their residents amazing amenities such as fully-furnished apartments, valet parking, gorgeous city and ocean views, and even spas. It is truly a place worthy of calling home.

Welcome to Miami

There are so many great places to live in Miami that it is truly difficult to narrow it down. From Bal Harbour to Coconut Grove and everything in between, Miami has a neighborhood to fit anyone’s lifestyle. 

No matter which neighborhood you choose to settle down in, Miami is happy to have you. Welcome home!

If you would like to learn more about the houses, condos, and apartments that Miami has to offer come check out more of our real estate articles.