7 Decorating kits to organize a last-minute birthday party

Seven Decorating kits to organize a last-minute birthday party: Decorate your party in a short time and with little money thanks to these sets. 

Children’s parties are mobilizing a market that is growing every day. One more year of your little one’s life should be celebrated fantastically, so we bring you a lot of possibilities that will be very helpful when organizing the party in the best way and that everything is perfect. Look at this post with the trends of children’s parties 2019.

And of course the decoration can not escape the list of things to do when a child party it is; On the contrary, it is the most critical aspect because it recreates that childish environment that surprises and falls in love.

It is a fact that birthday dates generate many nerves among event organizers. Therefore, one of the most common and effective recommendations aside from the tablecloth and cover chair is to have a decoration kit that is useful when planning a party to celebrate the last minute birthday. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you:

1. FunDecoParty : 1st birthday decoration package

Decorative set for the princess-themed birthday party. This package combines bright tones, pink, peach, and white. Includes balloons, ribbons, bows, and a princess tiara.

If you are looking for a party for your little daughter, this decorative princess option could fit without a problem what you want. Classic and colorful design.

2. Another Dream: Pumasks decoration kit

Kit decoration for a birthday party with the individual motive of masks of animated characters. This package includes 1 set of wall decoration, 12 photo stands, six latex masks, one honeycomb wreath, and a personalized birthday banner.

If your little one is a fan of cartoons, this decorative set with masks is ideal for you. You can decorate the whole room with your favorite characters.

3. Amscan: Finding Dory Decoration

Decorative package with a distinctive motif of the movie Looking for Dory. This set includes a banner, ribbons, bows, and more supplies to decorate, as well as a table to place in the center of the party hall.

An ideal option to decorate any type of festive room on the occasion of Disney’s animated character: Dory. The arrangements stand out for their colorful design in blue tones.

4. All American Party Suppliers: Decorations in blue and gold

Beautiful design to decorate all kinds of birthdays. This set stands out for its bright tones in the multiple arrangements in gold and blue. The package contains a congratulatory banner, 13 flags, 15 tassels, balloons, the garland of 18 pieces, and more.

A festive decoration that stands out for its combination of colors and bright highlights. You can decorate the room with balloons and a banner with the characteristic happy birthday message.

5. Creative Converting: Birthday decoration with Donut motif

Kit decoration with a special theme of colorful Donut. The set contains one banner donut ribbon, five decorative donut pieces, one plastic birthday balloon, among other arrangements.

This option to decorate the birthday party of your child or family is ideal for celebrating both in closed or open spaces. You can arrange a room with many colorful pieces of donuts.

6. Free Yoka: Decorative party combo in gold and black tones

Decoration package for the birthday party in gold and black hue. This combo features multiple decorative pieces, from balloons, paper tassels, aluminum fringe curtains, banners, and flower pompoms with congratulations messages.

What stands out in this festive combo are the various messages of congratulations that each decorative piece has. The birthday boy will feel appreciated in every detail you have.

7. PomPomGLAM: Kit of festive arrangements with a mermaid motif

Beautiful kit design with particular mermaid motif and marine ornaments. This package includes paper tassels, card stock, balloons, and a happy birthday banner, plus a mermaid-shaped piece.

If your daughter wishes to celebrate her birthday with a mermaid theme, this option is ideal for you. You can decorate any space with marine details, as well as arrangements alluding to sea creatures.


You may also be interested in our more articles regarding the party. If your celebration is in the summer season or it will be outdoors or in a swimming pool, this theme of flamingo would fall like a ring to your finger and even more, if you add pineapples and any other fruit to your decoration.

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