7 Essential Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

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There are various beauty trends that you might come across is the fashion and makeup world. Out of them all, a very popular trend is to have nice and fuller eyebrows. These days, it’s all about eyebrows on fleek! Eyebrows are treated as one of the most important features of one’s face, as it is needed to add some definition to the eyes and upper part of the face. This is the reason why women are now all interested in various tips and tricks to learn various things to make the eyebrows look more stylish yet natural at the same time.

Some of the tips that can help one have good and perfect eyebrows are listed below:

  1. Decide the shape

The first step to get the perfect eyebrows is to find the kind of eyebrow shape that will suit the face perfectly. First, find what the shape of your face is and what exactly is the natural growth pattern of the brows. Round-faced women should go for a more sharp-peaked brow and the angular faced women can go for a more curvy eyebrow shape.

  • Shaping

While shaping the eyebrows, don’t go all overboard as today thicker eyebrows are in fashion. Choose either waxing, weaving or tweezing depending on what you prefer. But keep brushing and pluck as minimal hair as possible, as the rest of the thing can be shaped with a pencil. If the eyebrow is too thin then you can also go for henna eyebrow tint thin to fill any gap or get a more thicker eyebrow.

  • Trimming

Never forget about trimming the eyebrows, as there are can be a few hair strands that can be longer. Take a clean brush and a small scissor to comb the eyebrow hair and then slowly snipping the ends. Also, keep in mind that the eyebrow tail should have longer hair strands to look full.

  • Treat the skin

Having red splotches or rashy skin near the eyebrows is not something that is very aesthetic. Fresh plucking can make the skin raw and red, therefore choose the right time to pluck the eyebrows. One can pluck after taking a warm shower as this softens the hair follicles, thus minimizes the tug and pull. Also one can apply some cooling lotion after plucking to avoid rashes and redness.

  • Gels, pencils or powders

Everybody’s brow has different thicknesses, shapes and texture; and this is the reason why it is important to pick the filling product carefully. If one has really thin eyebrows and is looking to get some high impact results then choose gels and pomades. However, if one already has a good voluminous brow, then pencils or powders can be effective too. One can also choose mina ibrow henna to get that perfect color of eyebrows for a few weeks.

  • Tame the brow

Whether one is applying any product or not, brushing and taming those few eyebrow strands into place is important. Use a nice, sharp and soft eyebrow brush to comb the hair strands out. This will add volume to the brow and will also give a certain amount of softness.

  • Finish it properly

After plucking, trimming, shaping and filling the brows, it is necessary to give the right finishing touch to the brows. Make sure to use some brow gel in the end and then brush it nicely to set the hair strands in place and also add a thicker look.