Are Hair Integration Systems Your Perfect Hair Loss Solution?

Hair Integration Systems

Are you stressing over your thinning hair or, worse, already experiencing hair loss in patches? Hair loss is upsetting, especially for women, as it’s associated with femininity. Losing hair can affect your self-esteem and confidence. There are many reasons for hair loss like aging, alopecia, stress, etc. regardless of the cause; its effects are devastating for sure.

If you are suffering from any of these issues, then hair integration systems are indeed the perfect hair loss solution. It is the best non-surgical procedure that involves mixing your real hair with the custom hairpieces. The hairpieces can be attached to your head and secured further for making it appear natural like the real hair.

The Hair Integration System

Certain salons across the world are offering high-quality hair integration systems. It is a semi-permanent hair loss solution, where an individual’s donor hair is fixed into their crown area. Unlike wigs, this cosmetic hair loss solution is breathable. A mesh is used for pulling hair and securing it to the scalp to give the illusion of real hair.

The hair integration system can easily last for around two years. However, it needs readjustment for accounting new hair growth in every six weeks. After 12 weeks, the system is entirely removed and further reapplied for ensuring it looks as natural as possible.

Even a hair integration system is customizable to the client’s requirement and to ensure a perfect fit. You can wear it daily while performing routine activities (like swimming or exercising), without removing it like a wig.

Is A Hair Integration System Suitable To You?

All individuals facing hair loss are not suitable for the hair integration system. A strand test helps identify your suitability for a hairpiece. It involves pulling out a small section of hair is of your scalp. If more than five hair strands come out easily, the hair integration system is not for you.

Here are certain factors that make hair integration system unsuitable for you:

  • Having allergies
  • If you suffer from more than 50% of hair loss
  • If you have any fresh scars, cuts or pimples on scalp
  • Having oily scalp, which means you’d require more frequent washing and maintenance for this system
  • Types of physical activities you do
  • Financial viability of attaching and maintaining hair integration system
  • Recent chemotherapy (in the past 12 months)
  • Recent pregnancy and breastfeeding (currently or in the past 12 months)

Once you figure out that hair integration is suitable for you, you can consult a specialist to enjoy the benefits of this system. The results of the hair integration system are sure to enhance your self-confidence and personality.

Benefits Of Using Integration Hairpieces

It enables you to take advantage of the existing hair

If you have a lot of hair on your scalp, with only a few balding spots, you may take advantage of this system. Instead of cutting the real hair or covering it into a wig, you can use a hair integration system to look as natural as possible. This system will enhance your overall appearance while boosting confidence.

It saves you from wearing the full coverage hair toupee or wig

The hair integration system needs customization for each individual. But it is still less cumbersome in comparison to the full coverage hair toupee or wig. It is also easy to maintain than full coverage wigs. Moreover, no one can even notice that you’re wearing something on your head to cover the bald spots.

It is your instant full hair coverage solution

Unlike other hair loss solutions that require individuals to wait for several weeks or months to get the solution ready or be effective, hair integration system is quick. There is no waiting time at all. You can quickly regain your full coverage hair and begin to enjoy a fresh take on life again.

There are a few good hair integration systems providers worldwide, so do proper research before deciding on the right store or supplier. You can even go for free consultations to their office to discuss various hair loss solutions and find which one is suitable for you. Only after the consultation, you must get the right solution for hair shedding.