Best Horse Riding Boots Styles for Beginners

New to the horseback riding world? This is a roller-coaster experience. Picking the perfect gear is crucial. Horse riding boots are important pieces of equipment. You cannot enjoy any horseback riding activity without the perfect boots.

Read further to learn more about the different types of horse riding boots available. Also, you’ll discover the essential aspects you need to keep an eye on when making your purchase. You need to strike a great balance between:

  • Affordability
  • Versatility
  • Comfort

To achieve this, you must find the perfect horse riding boots. Also, you’ll get recommendations for budget-friendly beginner boots. And what is more? You’ll discover the best online platform where you can get the right size.

Riding Boots for Your Unique Needs

Several types of riding boots are available. You can use them for various equestrian disciplines, occasions, and preferences. The most common ones are:

Paddock Boots

Paddock boots are worn for everyday riding, training, and stable work. These ankle-length boots are a starting point. They perfectly support the ankle, are easy to use, and effortlessly adapt across different disciplines.

Paddock boots are ideal for riders who prefer shorter boots. However, they’re popular among younger riders. You can also pair these boots with half chaps to provide the appearance of a tall boot.

Field Boots

These are tall horse riding boots that reach below the knee. They’re common in English horse riding disciplines such as show jumping. Traditionally, field boots feature laces either on half or the whole length of the horse riding boot.

Field boots provide extra flexibility and grip for beginner riders, especially those interested in specific disciplines. They’re, in most cases, needed for competitions since they provide a more traditional, polished look.

Dress Boots

Dress boots cater to individuals who need formal options. They’re similar to field boots. However, they are usually made of smoother leather. Dress boots are, in most cases, worn in dressage competitions. They have a stiff shaft that allows them to provide an elegant, clean appearance.

These boots do not typically have laces. They usually come in brown or black to meet dress code standards.

The Importance of Proper Fit

How should your horse riding boots fit? Excellently fitting horse riding boots ensure snug ankle support with enough toe wiggle room for comfort and durability. Also, it ensures safety and effective communication between the rider and horse. Before you purchase your horse riding boots, be sure to try them on riding. Let’s discover how the right horse riding boot should fit.

  • Width: Your boot should feature a snug but not entirely fit around the ankle and foot. There should be enough room to wiggle your toes. But the space shouldn’t be much that your foot slides around.
  • Length: A properly fitting foot needs to be long enough to provide adequate support and cover your ankle. Tall boots should only reach your knee without having to obstruct your movement.
  • Ankle fit: Your ankle needs to have sufficient support without excessive pressure. Folds or wrinkles around your ankle show that your boot is too loose. Also, your boot should flex at the ankle where its natural joint moves. The flex point should align with your ankle for effortless movement.
  • Toe room: You should have enough room in the toe box. This will prevent discomfort or pinching. Ensure your toes aren’t congested against the front of your boots.
  • Heel: Your heels need to sit firmly against the boot’s back.
  • Calf: Your boot’s calf needs to fit snugly. Ensure that it isn’t overly tight.
  • Secure closure: Laces, zippers, or other mechanisms should provide room for a secure and perfect fit. They shouldn’t create pressure points.

Where You Can Get Budget-Friendly Beginner Boots

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