Best Tips to Popularize Your Movie Songs and Get Followers on Instagram

The photo-sharing site Instagram is the latest craze these days, and the movie industry makes the most out of this social media platform. Did you know that even musical films are promoted these days to pique audience interest? The musicians, lyricists creating awesome compositions for films make the most out of Instagram by posting rich, stunning content to drive user engagement.

Besides developing music and recording, music composers are versatile enough to manage all things associated with graphic designs for social media content, getting gigs, web page development, and most essentially, improving the film’s Instagram visibility. If you are a music director, you too can promote the film songs, no matter what the genre is. Movie music is trending among the teens as well as Millennials, who voraciously use the web and Instagram.

According to an article published on, using the best photos and videos is the key to successful marketing on Instagram for every business, and filmmaking and movie music production are not exceptions. Here are some of the top tips popularize your movie songs on Instagram:

Use text smartly to buy followers on Instagram

How about leveraging some text-oriented content, informative blogs and things like that on Instagram using the caption part on this social site? Did you know that you could incorporate up to 2,200 characters in the Instagram captions; accounting for approx, 300 or 450 words and that include space. Additionally, you have the liberty to post your blog content on some other platform, and uploading the related screenshots as, image posts.

As far as Instagram is concerned, the users read the captions if social content and story managed to pique follower interest. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For example, you can leverage stunning and high-definition photos of any recent concert, particularly if the admired film songs were sung at the concert. Besides, you can pen a short blog narrating an interesting story about the performance. Try these tactics to market your movie music through Instagram, and you will benefit.

Make the best use of Instagram Stories

You can upload videos spanning for 15 seconds through Instagram Stories in which you can emphasize on the initial 15 seconds of a song to build engagement. It can be anything like the introductory song, a beautiful lyric, etc.

You will find many things to market, anything relevant to your film music such as forthcoming songs, music albums, music videos, and of course new releases, related to a popular song. When you would like to give away some gifts associated with the film songs, make sure you post such content too. Try these tactics to buy followers on Instagram fast.

There are many other things you can try like organizing quizzes, asking questions and answers, and running surveys. Then, ensure all content is relevant to the songs in the movie. These strategies help in building audience engagement. Some moviemakers and song creators use throwback content of old, classic movie songs, which were once popular.

Work on your Instagram bio

Not all film song directors are proactive in improving their Instagram bio. If you are not doing it, you are missing something big. Leveraging the bio is effectual in letting people know about creative work and creating engagement among your existing Instagram followers.

As far as the bio is, concerned, little scope is there to narrate your story. You might be wondering why. That is because you do not have more than 150 characters to say what you want. Therefore, here smart work is important. You will find numerous creative tactics and ways to reap the maximum benefits out of the Instagram bio.

Let people know about the type of music you compose. Though it is a bit challenging to fit a movie song or two into an exact genre, you must try without losing hope. Besides, post Instagram visuals about the hit songs you have composed. It can be a recording, a musical concert, a musical tour, or for that matter, the latest movie songs released.

You can create a buzz by posting other content such as achievements, career highlights, or awards. Make sure you are 100 percent honest about posting content, signifying that all your awards, rave reviews, and achievements must be genuine and valid. If a reputed media house or movie industry professional, appreciated and evaluated your film song, add those as well in the Instagram bio, then keep things simple and short.

You’ll not be allowed to use only 150 characters, strictly speaking. If you work with a music team, add their Instagram handles too, without fail. All these tips and tricks will help you gather more likes and increased following in a short time.


Use the tricks to promote your movie songs through Instagram to acquire more likes, comments, and fan following.