Hiring a Backdrop For a Particular Event

four women and a men posing in front of an event backdrop

Events like parties are held only occasionally so that people can meet each other in person, network and enjoy themselves. Many of these parties like wedding parties are once in lifetime events and a large amount is spent on organizing the event, so the event organizer wants to ensure that it is a memorable event, which people will remember for many years. Hence they are interested in making the party unique. One of the ways to ensure that the party is memorable is having a theme party, where the people are dressed based on the theme and the place where the event is held is also decorated according to the theme.

There are a wide variety of themes which are popular like tropical, jungle, beach, Hollywood, circus, bamboo, spy, African, book wall, canvas, based on the preference of the party organizer and those attending the party. While the party organizer can arrange for props to match the theme, they usually do not have the relevant backdrop for the event. Since purchasing a backdrop which will be used only for the event will be expensive, the event organizer should use the services of a company specializing in event backdrop hire and hire the required backdrop for the duration of the event.

In addition to changing the look and atmosphere for the event, many of the people attending the event will like to take selfies and photographs against the background for the event. These photographs will be preserved for a long time and will be used to show that they attended the event. Hence having a good background for the event, especially party will ensure that more people take their selfies, photographs against the background and the event will get more coverage in social media and elsewhere.

Based on the event being planned, the event organizer can choose from a wide variety of backdrops which are available to match the theme of the event. The backdrops available are made from high-quality materials with the help of experienced and skilled artists. These artists create realistic designs for the theme selected using high-quality paints and other materials so that the theme looks real from a distance. If the event organizer finds that the backdrops available do not meet their requirement, they can get a custom made backdrop created for their requirement.

After finalizing the backdrop, the event organizer will also have to specify the area where the backdrop will have to be installed. The size of the area in which the event or party is being organized depends to a large extent on the number of people who are invited to the event and are attending it. For a larger area, the area of the backdrop hired maybe more. Alternately the event organizer may wish to install the backdrop only in specific parts of the area where the event is held, so that people can take photographs, selfies, of themselves and others who attended the event.

The event organizer will also have to specify the duration for which the backdrop has to be hired. This will depend on the duration of the event. In case of a party to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary, the backdrop will have to be hired only for a few hours, for the duration of the party. In other cases, like trade fairs, conferences, seminars or meetings, the backdrop may have to be hired for a longer period. The rental charges will usually vary depending on the duration of the event, and the hourly charges will usually higher for short duration backdrop hire.

After the backdrop type, size and hire duration has been finalized, the event organizer will usually have to pay a deposit for the backdrop hire, and also some or all of the hire fees in advance depending on the deal negotiated. After the payment is made, the company supplying the backdrop will deposit it at the event venue, and their staff will also install it if required to provide the event the theme required. At the end of the rental period, the backdrop supplier will collect the backdrop from the venue, and also refund the deposit to the event organizer if there is no damage to the backdrop.