How to Choose a Gift for Your Friend’s Wedding

The wedding is perhaps the most expensive and important ceremony in any person’s life. This is why it is crucial to know how to choose a nice wedding gift. In this article, we are going to help you with this remarkably important and hard quest. 

So, you have received an invitation to your friend’s wedding ceremony, and now, you should not only think about what to wear but also what to present to your friend on his or her wedding ceremony. First of all, you should know that if you are good friends, your friend will understand if you don’t have money to buy him or her a very expensive wedding gift. Thus, don’t worry too much, and just try to present something from your heart. 

Okay, now, when you approximately know how much you can spend on the gift, it is time for you to answer a few questions.  

How well do you know the newlyweds? 

The closer you know your friends, the more effort and money you will have to pay. According to experts, close relatives and best friends of the newlyweds spend way more money on weddings than friends and distant relatives. Of course, it all depends on each case.  

How much can you afford? 

When choosing a gift, consider your financial situation. Choose the amount that matches your income, but at the same time, it shouldn’t hit your family budget. Plan your budget for the next month, consider all expenses, and spend the remaining money on a gift. Or start saving for a gift a few months before the wedding. As we have said before, your friends will understand if you don’t have enough money to buy something expensive. 

What to present? 

1. Money 

According to the observations of the newlyweds, most guests present money. For a young family, additional funds will never hurt. They can be spent on a honeymoon trip, repairs in a new apartment, or to cover the cost of a celebration. Of course, in most cases, weddings don’t pay off, but many couples secretly dream about it. 

2. Pay attention to their WishList 

Future spouses can make a WishList of preferred gifts. It will help you not to make the wrong choice and save your time. But know that you are not obliged to give gifts only from the wishlist. 

3. Certificates  

A various certificate to shops, photo sessions, romantic dinners, spa procedures, excursions, or various quests. To choose a perfect certificate, you should think about your friend’s hobbies, wishes, and desires.  

4. Home goods  

Some people say that home goods are terrible gifts, but they are not quite right. If your friend, after his or her wedding, will buy a new house or an apartment, then they will definitely need new home goods. For example, a set of pans or pots, dishes, towels, bedding, home decoration. 

5. Household appliances 

The situation is approximately the same as with home goods, but here you can choose anything that they don’t have yet. For example, vacuum cleaner, iron, TV, air conditioning, printer, toaster, blender, etc. Also, don’t forget about those, if you want to find a girlfriend when you are over 50 since at this age you must show her that you are good at dealing with household chores. 

What else should you know? 

1. Avoid matches 

Discuss gifts with other guests so that there are no matches. You can also consult with the newlyweds or those who know them very well (parents, best friends), so as not to accidentally give away an unnecessary thing. 

2. The gift should be pleasant for both 

The gift should be intended for both newlyweds. If you want to please separately the groom or the bride, separately prepare an additional present. This will be a little more expensive, but it won’t insult anyone. 

3. Wrap your gift and add a greeting card 

Beautifully pack small gifts and attach a greeting card to them with pleasant wishes to a young family. This will make your gift special and unique.