How To Deal With A Bad Mood

Have you ever been frustrated or annoyed at something and as a result spent the rest of the day in a foul mood? Do you realise that you are indeed in a bad mood but are unable to snap out of it? If so, read on. 

Feeling grumpy can happen to the best of us. And it may seem impossible to beat this mood but don’t give in. Here are some tips to deal with a bad mood that will definitely help you feel better – 

  • Connect with positive people and avoid those bad influencers

There are some people out there who just have a natural ability to put you in a bad mood. Instead of draining your energy and spoiling your mood, it is best to avoid these people. In unavoidable scenarios like a boss or a peer, try to keep minimum contact with these individuals.

On the flipside, try connecting with positive people. These are people who tend to naturally uplift everyone around them. These people can change your bad mood instantly by helping you crack up with their sense of humor or just be naturally positive.

  • Practice meditation

Rather than staying bad-tempered throughout the day, take some time to meditate. Mindful meditation helps you take an essential and purposeful pause and can even resolve your grumpy mood.

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and rewire your brain to focus on only the essentials – basically removing all distractions from hindsight. This is also really advantageous as meditation intrudes with your bad thoughts and helps you focus on the positivity of life. 

  • Have a cup of your favourite drink

It is amazing how many people reach for a cup of their favourite drink for comfort in case they are in a bad mood. 

Drinking caffeine is associated with an increase in levels of serotonin (26-30% increase), GABA (65% increase), and acetylcholine (40-50%) which  may contribute to the elevated mood and perceived increase in energy one feel after a cup of coffee

Even better, take a cup of ethical coffee with biodegradable pods to mentally charge yourself and change your bad mood. Think like this – you get to have caffeine which is actually good for the environment. Win-win!

  • Treat Yourself

You may choose to lounge around all day in sweatpants in your house or you can treat yourself with a pleasant distraction. Going shopping or eating your favourite dessert or anything that brings you pleasure can help release dopamine in your system and makes you feel instantly better. 

By treating yourself, you will get to spend some time away from the environment or reason that was upsetting you. This is also a great way of looking after yourself and what you need.

  • Binge watch your favourite series or movie

Netflix and chill is a whole other mood genre. It basically means logging into your streaming partner and binge watching your favourite series or movie. If you choose a comedy, even better! Afterall, doesn’t everything feel better after a good laugh? 

Watching can even bring back some old memories and help in reminding you of the fun times you had when you watched your favourite show the last time. Afterall, it’s a favourite of yours for a reason!

  • Finally, introspect!

Yeah you have tried everything under the sun to deal with your bad mood. But after a point in time, you have to deal with the fact of realising what actually got you in this mood? Almost 10 times out of 10, there will be a reason for your ill temperedness. 

Pinpoint exactly what put you in this mood. After finding out this reason from your introspection, try not to dwell on what went wrong. It’s better to utilise your time in finding ways to make it better for the next time. You may also attempt to talk it out with somebody for some solicited advice. In the end, bottling up your bad mood is doing anyone any favours.

In conclusion, realise that sometimes you just have to let it be and let it take its course naturally. Remember one thing – a bad mood is a temporary intruder. Never take your bad mood out on people surrounding you. They have done nothing to deserve such treatment. Don’t let it ruin your life and cut yourself some slack. This too shall pass 🙂