How to Take Care of Cats: A Basic Guide

Are you interested in getting a cat but your not exactly sure how to take care of one? Cats are a relatively easy pet to care for, but there are still some things you will want to know and prepare for to make caring for a new furry friend as easy as possible.

Keep reading this guide on how to take care of cats for the basics of what you need to know. Introduce your new cat into your home seamlessly with these tips and tricks.

Encourage Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

Most cats will prefer to use the litter box because of the litter’s texture. This will reduce their chances of using the restroom in other areas of your home, but it’s still important to make sure you’re introducing the cat to their box properly and making it readily available to them. Consider placing the litter box in a spot where the cat will be able to use the bathroom without other distractions such as other pets, humans, or loud noises.

Cat’s also prefer their box to be fairly clean, as will you to keep the foul scents to a minimum. To keep the litter clean, scoop in daily, and clean the box out weekly by refreshing or replacing the litter. Avoid using highly scented litters that may deter your cat from using the box.

Teach the Cat Where it Can and Cannot Play

Cats, especially kittens, love to play, and it’s great to allow your cat playtime, but only in certain areas of your home. To avoid ruining your furniture, it’s a good idea to get a scratching post for your cat. Scratching is a normal part of a cat’s behavior and there is no way to train them to stop, however, you should provide them a space where they can scratch instead of your furniture.

If your cat is scratching your furnishings or jumping up on unwanted surfaces, such as countertops, it’s important to train them out of this behavior. Cats are curious creators, but if they are exploring places you don’t want them to, simply spray them with water. This will eventually teach them not to explore these unwanted areas.

Additionally, it’s best to keep your cats indoors to keep them safe, however, cats do love outdoor time. To allow them to play safely outdoors, consider getting an outdoor cat enclosure.

Feed Your Cat Correctly

Cat food comes in a wide variety of different options, from dry food, to wet food as well as semi-moist. A cat’s food will depend on its specific needs and body types, so it’s best to ask your vegetarian what option they think is best. It’s important to find a nutritious food option for your cat.

How to Take Care of Cats

If you’re considering adding a new furry friend to your home, keep these tips on how to take care of cats in mind for the best results.

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