Maintaining tonus after the Easter holidays. Top 4 rules for the rest of the year

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The Easter holidays are one of the reasons we love spring. Easter is the perfect opportunity to spend time with people you rarely see during the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes, give gifts or travel to places steeped in tradition. At the same time, this time of year brings with it excesses of all kinds, from food, to sleepless nights, to acute lack of exercise. The body and psyche must be cared for no matter what time of year it is, as the damaging consequences on health will be just as severe whether it’s the holidays or just any day of the month. Enjoy your favourite spring holiday and maintain your health without sacrificing small pleasures.

How to recover quickly after the Easter holidays?

Follow a few simple rules to create balance, avoid excesses of any kind and maintain the perfect summer holiday figure.

  • Immunise yourself through active relaxation

Immunity is the last thing on people’s minds during the holiday season. However, you can easily immunise yourself by following these daily habits. Even if the table is full of traditional treats and tempting sweets, make room on your plate for fruit and vegetables too. They’re in season then, so a bowl of vegetables, a fruit smoothie or a fresh fruit smoothie will ensure you get the vitamins your body will be grateful for. Take advantage of the friendly weather and get out into nature to admire nature’s rebirth. As well as giving yourself a powerful dose of oxygen, you’re now getting your blood moving and preventing muscle atrophy. Speaking of preventing muscle atrophy, massage offers the same benefits as sport. In fact, sports and massage and heating roller chairs make an effective formula for active rest. The best rated massage chairs don’t have preset programmes, but customisable functions for each area of the body. Discover with, Japanese massage chairs with morphological scanning mechanism of the spine and shoulders!

  • Hydrate smart

Feeling thirsty is already an indicator of an already dehydrated body. So don’t wait ‘until you’re thirsty’, but make sure you consume water and foods with a high water content. A nutritious and hydrating idea is a mix of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers), fruit (berries, citrus fruits, melons) to keep your body hydrated if you don’t like the taste of water.

  • Experience a new Easter atmosphere

Are you not in the mood for Easter customs or are you already dreaming of the holiday? Summer is still a few months away, but the warm season is not the only season for a successful holiday. Take advantage of the days off and celebrate Easter outside. It can be an area where traditions are respected and the festive atmosphere is at home. Or, if you want to get away from the madness of the holidays or the urban hustle and bustle, then go to the seaside, somewhere you’ve never been before or on a city break. The Golden Sands (Bulgaria), Corfu Island in Greece, Hurghada, Madeira, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam or Copenhagen top the list of most popular holiday destinations over Easter. It’s enough for 4-5 days to reboot, recharge your batteries and return to the office with more energy.

  • Sanitize your emotions, not just your home

Around the holidays, most people worry more about extra pounds, but forget that emotional health needs to be protected too. Start your mental hygiene with social interactions. Studies claim that quality social relationships combat the symptoms of depression that many people experience around the holidays. In addition, connections between people improve cognitive function, develop communication skills and relieve anxiety. So make a resolution this year to visit for pleasure and less out of obligation. In fact, exclude anything that means obligation. Didn’t manage to tick off your shopping list? Doesn’t it appeal to you to visit people you barely see during the year? Haven’t found the perfect gifts for everyone? Decorations didn’t turn out like in the magazines? Didn’t finish your general holiday cleaning? Don’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t have to, take it easy and surround yourself with people who bring value to your life.

Change your outlook on the holidays and turn these important occasions into an ideal opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle through new habits. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after this busy time, when people put more pressure on themselves than moments of rest.