Makeup Tips For 8 Types Of Colored Hair

organic hair color

During the present time it has become quite easy for us to change our looks completely. Normally, Indian people posses black hair. But, this can be changed as per your preference. The market is flooded with different types of hair colors. The popular website, provides wide range of organic hair color. Instead of using the chemical rich products, it is always good to use the herbal varieties. Now, the individuals who already have colored their hair in different shades need to maintain the same. This article will explain the tips to make a boost of your colored hair.

Tips to makeup different shades of hair

  • Black hair

Most of the people have black hair. This is one of the natural hair color tone. But, sometimes this become discolored or gets interrupted with the grey hair. In such a situation you need to know the tips that will keep your hair color as it is. The best organic hair color can be one of the tool for this.

Facial makeup has to go with the dark black color hair. The makeup looks that goes with dark haired ladies are:

  • Lighter shade of foundation and face powder
  • Nude lips
  • Peach blush
  • Make smoky eyes
  • Medium brown hair

Most people prefers this shade of hair color. Those who have this as an original shade are lucky enough. But, those willing to make it medium brown hair can also do the same. The organic hair color at Indus valley site can help you tone.

The facial makeup should not be overlooked. You must go with the shades of makeup that correlate with your hair and skin tone. Following are the tricks you can try:

  • Use bronzer on cheeks
  • Pink blush to make skin bright
  • Pain your lips with slightly orange- red based lipstick
  • Red hair

There are people with red hair tone. But, the volume is less. Some people uses the organic hair color with red shade to bring that hair tone. The makeup that you apply for these ladies is of neutral tone. It is good to play more with eyes and leave the lips neutral. Apply green on bronze tone.

  • Magenta hair

This is an artificial hair color which most people prefer. The color of the hair is really bold. Thus, it is always good to tone down your facial makeup during the day. But, yiou can always add a splash of pink and red on your face.

  • Blonde hair

For this you have to put a good bronzer at your forehead. But, make it light at cheeks and chin. To warm the skin tone add peach blush.

  • Honey hair

For women with these type of hair you must put a light shadow on the eyes and also add golden shimmer at the creases. You can flatter the eyes with dark green.

  • Caramel hair

For the eyes, use the beige, ivory and soft brown eye shadows.

  • Purple hair

You can apply playful contemporary makeup for these ladies.