Minimal Wedding Invitation Cards for your no-fuss Wedding

Wedding is an auspicious occasion that no one wants to spoil. Not even by mistake, according to the human tradition wedding has been a get-together for two families, and the friends of the bride and groom. Without them, no one would ever enjoy the wedding. However, to invite people to the wedding can be a great hectic task. Thanks to technology today, we can easily invite people to weddings and other parties through social media. However, it does not mean that a simple text message with a location of the venue would be enough.

Just like the bride and groom, the people who are supposed to attend the wedding expect some respect from the host. Wedding invitations have been a great concern for ages. In older times, the kings would make sure that the wedding invitations must be wrapped and written with gold or other precious metals. Similarly, in many civilizations it is believed that the host must send some gifts too, just to make the guests feel valuable. So if you are planning for your wedding, and wish to make everyone happy with all that you do, then it is essential to work and plan a nice wedding invitation. 

Do not get into any trouble, because today you can easily get some fantastic ideas as the best wedding invitations templates are easily available on the internet. As most of the brides and grooms would be marrying for the first time, thus, they might not know what to write in a wedding invitation, if you are one such couple, then checking a minimal wedding invitation template might help. 

In this article, we intend to share with you some simpler wedding invitation ideas. Here by simple we do not mean an incomplete wedding invitation card, instead we would keep the designs simpler, so that anyone can design them easily without paying any money to the designers. 

Try parallel lines 

Creating a design with stripes or parallel lines would be the easiest thing to do. It will not only give the wedding invitation a classy look, but will alsos save time. You do not need to add colours or make curves on the designer application. One can even rely on a kid while creating this type of wedding invitation. Now the next thing is the colour, while you would be designing such a wedding card ensure that the colour is a dark one if the base of the card is light. Otherwise, similar shades might not give a vibrant look which is the key component in making any wedding invitation great. 

Now for the inner side you should maintain the same base colour, and for the descriptions and details of the event you can try the same colour as it was for the stripes. This way you can create a wedding invitation by using only two colours. 

Repeating pattern 

If you’re in love with a mosaic print, then nothing can do better justice to your wedding invitation card. All you need to do is create a card with a thick and wide border, you need to create a box around your name, and then print this mosaic creation several times around that box, in a way that it creates a border. Now you can pick the most prominent colour of this mosaic and use the same colour for writing the details of your wedding such as venue and timings on the next page of the card. 


If you love your partner, and want to brag about their personality before the wedding, then the best thing to do so would be making wedding invitations with pictures. It is really simple, all you need to do is take a great photo of you and your partner. In a long distance relationship, you can try making a collage, and then paste it on the front page of the card with the date. 

Simplest cards 

Have you ever seen the magic of fonts and writing? If so, then you would know how beautiful a simple solid white wedding invitation would look. You need to make a clear box with sharp edges, choose your favourite font, adn make a wedding invitation.