3 Unusual Ways to Boost Your SEO Skill Sets

You visit SEO-based and industry news platforms to improve your SEO skills. Again, attending conferences and webinars are common practices too. Then, despite all this, your website fails to rank better in the SERPs. You are at a loss to understand why. Where are you going off course? It could become difficult to figure out where your knowledge gap lies, which is preventing your site to rank top in the search results. You need to think strategically, connect with industry experts, and grasp the broader marketing backdrop when it comes to SEO.  

According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, there are easy yet powerful tactics to boost your website’s ranking in the SERPs. Here are the three uncommon ways to boost your SEO skill sets:

1. Write an SEO guide

Yes, you can write website optimization guides for others. It will help you to keep your thoughts organized, improve research skills, and figure out where you are lagging behind. Create proper SEO guides for your marketing team, publish the same online, and request valuable feedback from experts in the industry. When you create a detailed SEO guide, you need to have profound knowledge about the subject so that it helps beginners to kick-start their SEO journey.

When you research, you will come across some of the unexplored ways to improve your skills. It will help you to do your regular optimization tasks to rank your website better in the SERPs. You can learn more about it from any SEO Expert in NYC.

2. Study a relevant subject

Another way to boost your skills is by studying a related subject. For instance, you can learn how to retrieve data from databases. It would help you understand how search engines read, store, and deliver content based on visitor search. Studying psychology and sociology could help you figure out what drives user search behavior.

You can understand how to make your campaigns more effective when you know the psychology behind things that go viral. There is plenty of information available online to help you pick a couple of tips to stay ahead of your competitors in business.

3. Learn more about the SEO tools

Take some time out of your busy schedule to understand the unexplored features of the SEO tools. It is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge on the subject. Most tools come with detailed documentation about the features these tools offer. It will put you on the right track and achieve your optimization skills.

Tools keep adding new features. It could be in response after a new algorithm update of Google. Again, it could be just to stay updated with the demands of the market. Whatever is the reason, it is imperative to study the SEO tools and make the most out of them. Again, if you have never used some SEO reports, you can always look into these and understand their benefits.


SEO means numerous approaches, methods, and skills. Therefore, be open to learning new things and implementing innovative techniques to rank your website high in the SERPs.