5 Unpopular Cryptocurrencies that we Fail to Hear about

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There are more than 10K digital currencies in the market at the moment, and not many we do know about it. Some may be expensive and away from your reach in terms of affordability, while others could be within your limit, staying within the periphery of your capacity. Some may carry not very lofty kind of objectives, while others may be oversized and remaining on the top of the crypto market. Nonetheless, many could remain worth checking, and in this post, we will be discussing the five unpopular digital coins that we barely hear about it. However, the experts feel that these digital coins have not been in good progress as they are considered to be failed. They feel the reasons behind the same including the scams, failing to come up with tangible business plans, the loss of traction, and issues faced by the developers.

1). OneCoin

The digital coin is more known as One, which came into being in 2014. However, it failed to prosper in the early digital coin frauds. Ruju Ignatova is the person behind this coin and is often referred to as CryptoQueen. She organized a glittering kind of event at the global level at the UK venue called Wembley Arena, wherein she brought the same. She claimed One to be a BTC killer while launching the same, but it soon turned down, and it vanished, becoming an unpopular digital coin. You can still trade in it by choosing some good stock brokers. Many groups are active on social media that do render good support and that without any commission. For more information you can visit here .

2). BitConnect (BCC)

The next in this list is the BCC or BitConnect, which was launched in 2016 and it has been the popular one when it was launched in 2016. However, it soon turned out to be the victim of some scams, therefore, gaining the fraud name in the market. In December 2017, the coin managed to be on the all-time high and has emerged as one of the best performing coins the said year. However, just a few months down the line, it did not stand anywhere. It has remained very much aggressive in the market, with the hike reaching 0.5 to 1 percent daily that comes along with the other incentives. However, when compared to OneCoin, it comes up with a pyramid scheme. The returns seemed high, and it came funded by several new investors, and when the platform collapsed, people were seen losing everything.

3). BoringCoin (ZZZ)

It is more known as ZZZ, which was launched in 2014. When it was launched, it appeared to be a no-nonsense kind of coin promising with no hype, pump, dumps, or drama. Like as per the estimate, it went to around 90 percent of a punning kind of crypto. However, it did not survive that long, failing the same year it was launched. As per the Coinopsy lists, this digital currency seems to be dead at the moment, which is now considered to be a joke coming without any purpose, though. In other words, the experts feel that it was not less than boring stuff.

4). GetGems (GEMZ)

One of the key things that can be done via a social messaging app is the coin called GetGems, which further sends and receive digital coins like Bitcoin. The users can be seen earning more and more GEMZ with the help of inviting too many friends when they sign up. It was found way back in 2015 by a known man called Daniel Peled, and he is the one who came up with 1 M USD using the method of crowdfunding along with some direct investment. However, it failed as he was not able to deliver the things he promised. It started with a very low price, and it went high to only 0.0579 USD by the end of May 2017. As per the CoinMarketCap data, the digital coins ceased their operation in the market.

5). NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT)

This is among the older digital currencies, which had their base in India. It was conceived and presented by the Indian called Manish Ranjan in 2018. However, the blueprint of the same was ready for operation before it finally came in 2018, yet he took time to bring it. The coin worked mostly in the healthcare domain. It came with the idea of using blockchain just to sort out systematic healthcare problems like data security and with higher costs.