Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed with 6 Simple Tips

In today’s time, almost everyone is having the smartphones and to avail the features and benefits of smart phones, you need to have the data connection that will allow you to watch or enjoy the advancements in the technology. Technology is improving every day. Everyday there is a new technological development. But sometimes, we all face the problem of slow data connectivity. There are many others which other people face regarding the connectivity network and most of them are associated with the problem of slow speed of data network. There are many reasons behind the slow speed of your data connection. In order to resolve that common issues, you need to adopt some ways or tricks that will definitely improve the speed of your data connection.

If you are using old mywifiext, interference from other signals or many devices are connected to your device, etc. can be the reasons for the slow speed of your internet connection. In order to follow the various tips, firstly you must check the speed of your internet i.e. you can check the supposed speed of your internet as well as the actual speed you are getting. You must get the desired speed that you have already paid for. You can run a speed test for testing the speed of your internet connection. You must turn off all the activities, which are consuming your data like you can turn off the games, or other background downloads, etc. There are many sites or applications available online to check the speed of your internet. You can use any of them for your speed test.

There are many ways to boost up the speed of your internet; you can follow that ways if you are also facing the problem of slow speed internet. These tips or ways that can increase the speed of your internet are as follows:

  1. Turning off the extra connected devices from your phone: If many mobile networks, smart televisions or other gadgets or devices are connected to your device it will automatically slowed down the speed of your internet. Still if you are not using your device but the other devices or gadgets which are connected to your device will use somewhat of your data in background.
  2. Proper location for the Wi-Fi router: The job of the router is to send various signals or waves in all directions to provide Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, these signals are blocked by some objects or  that will not allow the router to spread the waves in all directions.
  3. Rebooting the router: Whenever our mobile phone or computer is not working properly, we go for rebooting our device. This is same in the case of a router. If we are facing slow speed or congestion, then we must reboot it for better service experience. It will help in clearing all the cache memory and the activities which are being processed in the background will wiped off.
  4. Using a Wi-Fi extender: Wi-Fi extender is also used to enhance the speed of your internet. There are many extenders offered in the market which can be installed as per our requirement. The web interface mywifiext can help you to set up Netgear Extender manually, which will gear up your internet network speed in many ways.
  5. Increasing the speed your internet by some tricks or hacks: You can use some tricks to increase the speed of your internet. Instead of purchasing the new router, you can install the new firmware in your device. It will help you to increase the speed of your network with these simple tricks. It will allow you to have more and improved control on your device.
  6. Buy a new Wi-Fi technology: You skip a year; new technology is already in the market! So, if you have been sticking to an older version of the WI-FI router, then replace it with a new one. The latest released technology, IEEE 802.11ac, works superficially and provides lightning-fast download and upload. 

However, do a compatibility check before buying the new technology. Your Desktop computer, laptop, and other smartphone devices must comply with this latest wireless standard IEEE802.11ac.