Exploring TheTruth About Modern Apps And Its Usefulness

Modern Apps

It all depends on your need and how you use to make an app useful, fun or a garbage. There are lots of apps that you will see today. There seems to be one for every need. You will see apps being used anywhere and almost everywhere including:

  • Television commercials
  • Billboardsand even
  • Print publications.

Modern apps are very useful and it helps in performing several activities. There is an app to:

  • Book movie tickets or a table at a restaurant
  • Buy flight tickets or grocery
  • Book a cab or a room in a hotel and for everything.

The apps have made life easier and it seems you get everything ‘at your fingertip!’ What is even more promising is the fact that the modern apps are now becoming ads themselves!

Benefits of apps

Apps are special programs that are exclusively designed to be run on mobile devices though it may have a few web components in it. It may also have some pull web-based content as well.

  • You will get these apps from App Store and download whichever app flavor you want to.
  • Most of these apps are free to download and you can use it on any type of smartphone, not necessarily on an iPad or iPhone only. It is plain and it is simple!

The apps have eliminated the need to visit websites and scour through the different pages to find what you need thereby saving you form a lot of hassles and wastage of time. You can download an app directly on your mobile phone and place your request with a couple of simple taps at the requisite button.

Therefore, next time you take out your desktop to visit NationaldebtRelief.com looking for a suitable relief option from your piling debts, consider using your mobile to place a request through an app online. You will get what you want in no time.

Every app may not be great

However, apps can also be a total garbage, and research says most of them really are. You too may have known this already but may be were simply hesitant to admit it. This is quite understandable and there are good enough reasons for that such as:

  • The advent and extensive use of smart phone, an incredible device, have put in a lot of trust and power on it and
  • It is literally changing the lives of people and the way they perform their daily activities simply due to the presence and power of this technology.

However, this does not make each and every app that you find today to be a great one and from the app designer’s perspective, it does not make them a millionaire.

Apps that matter

Research and experts say that there are basically two specific types of apps that really matter in the daily lives and use of people. These are:

  • Apps that are useful and
  • Apps that are fun and engaging.

Ideally, these two types of apps are so influencing that you will find it very hard, almost to the extent of being impossible, to ignore these.

The useful apps

There are different types of apps that will fall under the ‘useful’ category. These apps are the ones that are mostly used in daily activities and have earned the coveted spot on the home screen of not only your smart phone but also that of your brain! These useful apps ca:

  • Solve a problem
  • Answer to a question
  • Retrieve a piece of digital content and
  • Have the influence to make your life even better when you use them each and every time.

This is what is important and useful and that is why you keep coming back to them. Some of the most common and useful apps are:

  • Square: This is led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. This app works in combination with a free and small reader device. This is usually plugged into your headphone jack. This lets you to accept debit and credit payments directly. The most unique thing about this app is that it has a new way to interact with the users.
  • Evernote: This is another useful app that will allow you to snap a picture of anything you see and retain it for later use. You can even jot down a quick note, write a lengthier composition, and save it on any connected device and all these are searchable. For example, you can take a picture of a business card that you have received and search for the text later. You can even write a note by hand and the handwriting recognition will ensure that you find the note later. It is highly useful for an information pro as they can clip web pages, send PDFs, or forward it as emails.
  • Dropbox: This exists on the web as well as in an app form, just like Evernote app. It is also accessible from any connected device wherever, whenever, and however you need them. You can use it to save your work on your laptopand access the draft on your smart phone. You can send email, share digital content and even use it as a collaboration tool. It is incredibly useful for the mobile information professional as it gives them the scope to live without moving around backups knowing that their documents and photos are safe and backed up in a secure location.
  • GoogleMaps: This is the most common app used today and anybody who uses a smart phone has it downloaded in it. It helps them to explore a new place without having to worry about getting lost in the way. It is useful for getting directions, locating a coffee shop, finding out the alternate routes, figuring out the public transit systems, and more making moving around in this physical world a breeze.

Then there are the weather apps, the payment apps, apps to book a cab and lots more. It all depends on your needs and you will find an app just ready and waiting to be downloaded in the Google App Store.