Free Cool Applications for 2020 Android Users Should Own

Free Cool Applications for 2020 Android Users Should Own

Do you think you are a cool and smart android user? What do you do to ensure that you have all the applications with you that keep you ahead of your peers? Whether learning, music, education, fun, enjoyment, entertainment or anything else; there are variety of applications that get you more than you ask for and that too without a single penny.

In this post you would come across a few free applications on android that are making life easier, enjoyable and entertaining for people. Keep on reading to know more about it and have the best experience you can.

Vidmate application

 Once you do Vidmate app download you can ensure that you have the best experience stored for you. this app is going to get you all the videos, movies, clips and similarly entertaining stuff in no time. the app is connected with so many different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Dailymotion, YouTube, Metacafe and so many other. You also get formats and resolutions that you desire for the app is also known as HD video downloader. Also, to remember that the UI is absolutely impressive too. the speed of this app is two hundred percent faster than other video apps. you get everything without s[pending a single penny from this app.

Sticker Maker

In case you are a WhatsApp user then you know already that the app gets you stickers to circulate with your friends and family members, right?  you find different kinds of stickers in WhatsApp, right? But what if you have the choice to design your own stickers? Yes, this Sticker Maker gives you the ease to do that.  The platform first has you form up a new ‘sticker pack’ that you can name, then just load up an image on your phone and cut out the portion of the image that you wish to use as a sticker. You can easily do this unguided or use tools in this application to cut an ideal circle or square. You can even rotate the image in case you want and then save it to the pack once you are contented.  Packs might contain up to thirty stickers but require at least three. Once the user has made minimum three, he or she would be in a position to send the pack to WhatsApp.  The app is absolutely fast and sleek in its usage.


In case you love to read extensively and good material then you might have already known about this app; have you?   Goodreads allow the users log the books you’ve read and the ones the user wants to read, so he or she shall never forget about a book. The users can also rate and review books, and also go through the reviews others have written.  There is a variety of options in reading, recommendations are there on the basis of your previously reads and much more.


So, you must check out these apps for your amazing experience. just get them all for free from third-party app named 9apps and this play store would ensure you have all the apps in the world on your android device for free.