Gain Followers on Instagram: How to Reach the 1k Mark in 2021

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Gaining followers on Instagram is the dream of many entrepreneurs.

For shopkeepers who have just opened an e-commerce and created store profiles on social networks, it is inevitable to want a very high number of followers: we imagine that so crowded number of 1k followers or even more, all enjoying our publications and interacting with our brand.

However, the reality is a little bit different – and gaining the first 1k followers is undoubtedly the most difficult part. The reason for this is simple: at the first moment, your store is still practically unknown, which means that you will need to show the world that you are a successful brand (and an excellent digital influencer).

It is challenging – but it is not impossible. Come read this guide, which will show you how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes!

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  • Write an objective and attractive biography for your profile

How would you describe the type of content you generate on your Instagram in 150 characters? This is the space available to explain to those who are visiting your profile what good is being shared there.

It is important to think of your biography as a selling point: the more interesting it is, the greater the chances of turning that visitor into a follower.

So use that space on your profile to create rapport, to tell what you post and what you’re doing there. Remember that it is still possible to use hashtags, emojis and even tag others on the platform.

  • Run cultural contests

Creating contests and asking people to tag friends in the comments to participate is a good option to give more visibility to your profile.

Before making a contest, make sure your description and images make the purpose of your account clear. This will help whoever arrived through the draw decide whether to follow you or just leave.

  • Promote your Instagram on other platforms, profiles and networks

One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram (or reach potential followers) is to be present on the news and content platforms that they view the most.

You should also use your brand’s other social media to promote your profile. By sharing content on other media, you boost your reach and increase your chance of gaining followers on Instagram.

  • Share your customers’ photos and Instagram Stories (using your product)

One of the best strategies for profiles and e-commerces that want to gain followers on Instagram and reach the 1k followers mark is to share photos and videos of already loyal customers using the store’s product, both in the feed and in the Stories. The reason? This adds to the social proof.

If you already have a reasonable number of customers, then it’s time to get in touch with some of them and ask them to send pictures of themselves with your store’s product. To make the offer more attractive, you can offer a gift certificate or an exclusive gift. For a short-term strategy to gain followers on Instagram, this one is really powerful.

The best part of this strategy is that these photos, videos and posts end up increasing the reach of your brand on Instagram – and that, little by little, causes other customers to start using your brand hashtags and to publish, voluntarily, photos with your product. When that time comes, remember to share their posts (and leave a comment on the original post or respond affectionately to the Stories posted!).