how to change laptop fan

Every technology user wants his/her gadget to work properly and smoothly without disrupting the tasking. Am I right or am I right? Obviously yes. But with the passing time, the system hardware gets weaker. And the most facing problem is the cooling system of your laptop i.e. if your laptop’s fan is working or not. Right? For this purpose, you should test your laptop’s cooling system now and then. 

Laptop fans are a significant part of chilling the inner parts of your laptop’s operating system. They draw warmth off the motherboard and processor, and blow hot air away from them, much like a radiator fan blows hot air away from a car engine.  

The job of the laptop fan is to maneuver cooler air into the laptop to cool the hot hardware, especially the CPU. In a work area the fan is commonly a piece of the power supply and draws air through it, keeping that piece of the laptop cool. In the event that a laptop’s CPU gets too hot it will commonly bolt the PC, requiring a shutdown and reboot. In the event that the laptop doesn’t have warm check capacity the overheating could bring about a fire. 

When it comes to overheating, then it can prompt serious breaking down or harm to inside segments of the operating system. Checking your workstation’s fan is straightforward and ought to be done normally. In order to avoid serious problem, you must check the cooling system of your laptop and get yourself rid off buggy fan as soon as possible.  


The desktop of a laptop has a CPU cooler comprising of a metal warmth sink and a fan. The heat sink moves the warmth away from the processor and the fan powers the warmed ventilate of the PC through a vent. A CPU by and large overheats in light of the fact that the cooling system has fizzled and the warmth sink is never again situated immovably, the fan has quit working or the fumes vent is blocked. A CPU may likewise overheat in light of the fact that the heap set on it is excessively high. 


Laptop’s cooler fans decrease the gadget’s working temperature which as far as possible heat exposure to the equipment and makes the gadget itself progressively agreeable to utilize. Laptops incorporate implicit cooling fans and can be put on note pad cooler cushions to lessen working temperature. 

Delayed heat exposure and segment overheating can harm a laptop’s segments after some time, while extraordinary overheating can really break the framework of operating system. Laptops have restricted space to work with for cooling, which makes the cooling fans fundamental to the gadget’s prosperity. 

Inner laptop’s fans bolster quicker speeds; nonetheless, the fans themselves don’t make the PC quicker. PCs frequently utilize an interior framework fan that is associated with the Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit heat sink. For eradicating the heat produced by these fragments of operating system, fans are necessary because they take away the heat from system and cool it down.  


For checking or testing the proper working of laptop’s fan, there are some methods which I am going to describe. Just stick to this page.  


The first method to check the cooling system of your laptop is to listen the noise. If you are listening a noisy and unpleasant loud sound then your laptop must have some sort of issue. But do not confuse it with a moderate sound because an average sound is produced by almost every laptop’s cooling system.  

The way to check it is to take yourself in a quiet place and keep your ear at the lower part i.e. behind the keyboard where the fan is located. After performing some heavy task like multitasking, live streaming or gaming, then you will feel that cooling system has started to work for eradicating heat. Note while checking your fan on the off chance that it makes rough throbbing or shrieking sounds it may be broken. 


To check the laptop’s fan, know that laptop exhaust can either be on the left side, behind or the base. Any place it possibly you have to discover it and after that you can utilize a bit of paper and spot it before the fan, if the paper is blown even a little it can demonstrate to you the fan is working, or you can utilize uncovered hands to feel the warmth leaving the air vents. 

These two above mentioned ways a re the simplest and physical. You can also use some other ways to check that if your laptop’s fan working or not. Let’s get towards them.  


If your laptop is restarting again and again without any warning or your consent then it must have some sort of problem. Regardless of whether the fan is extinguishing air and working to some degree, it is associated with the heat sink cooling system. It is also giving you a sign that there is something wrong with your laptop’s cooling system.  


There is an application named speed fan which is specially designed for test the cooling system of a laptop. It is a free program and can be downloaded by means of its unique website or from other multi programming sites as well. The main screen that when you open the application, you can see the readings it got from the current workstation. It can identify the kind of GPU and CPU your PC is utilizing.  

This is a decent viewpoint in light of the fact that numerous GPUs have devoted fans based over them. This software can test the fan utilized by your particular GPU. It’s even conceivable to design it for specific needs.  

The essential and most pivotal property this program accompanies is the opportunity to check the temperature of practically every principle segment in your laptop. So, you just have to download this application for testing the fans. 


According to my information and knowledge, I have clearly depicted the picture of all the effective methods of checking that if your laptop’s fan working or not. So, you just have to pick a suitable method for you and implement it. You will surely have some positive consequences and thanks me later.