Outsource SEO; Don’t Attempt Doing SEO In-House, If You Are Not Set Up For It

A common, but costly mistake businesses make is that they attempt to do SEO in-house, rather than outsourcing SEO. Their stand is “My organization has a savvy team of marketers who can easily do SEO”. However, when it comes to implementing SEO, these businesses fail miserably. Why? Let’s analyse:

  1. SEO is not a one- time activity that just starts and ends. It requires continuous maintenance, continuous content-creation and patience.
  2. Organizations have generic marketers but lack trained and qualified SEO staff.
  3. Training the staff to learn SEO techniques is time consuming and expensive.
  4. There is mostly no one in the leadership team to set SEO goals and measure performance.
  5. Key tasks related to website audit &analysis, keyword research and page optimization remain unfinished.

By the time organizations realize that their in-house SEO efforts are not yielding results, they have already spent time and money, and in the process have lagged behind their competition.

In view of this, one can safely say that Outsourcing SEO is the most sensible decision that one can take. However, before outsourcing SEO, one should consider the below factors:

Cost To Outsource SEO

This is a strategic factor. You may consider hiring freelancers to do your SEO or you may consider hiring an SEO company that has a team of designers, editors, content writers, software and SEO experts who can together work as a team on your SEO project. The SEO experts analyze your website and provide recommendations based on which website features are modified to improve functionality, design changes are made by designers to improve user experience and high quality content is created by writers to improve readership. Individual freelancers cannot perform all these activities single-handedly.

Impact Of Outsourcing SEO To Your Business

What is your business type? ; What does your organization manufacture and sell?

Answers to these questions really determine what type of SEO services you need. If you are an eCommerce store, then your SEO needs will be very different from say a tour operator, or say a manufacturer of bicycles.

The other factor is the level of competition in your industry, who your competitors are and what is your competitive rank? 

The more the level of competition in your industry, the more will be the SEO efforts to get your company and products on page 1 of Google for the relevant keywords.

Build A Mid-Term Perspective To Outsource SEO

SEO techniques are not a magic wand that can give immediate results. Google bots take time to index a website and it can be several weeks before updates made on your website can begin to show results. Continuously enhancing user experience, building up a social media presence and improving website content can go a long way in slowly, but surely improving your search engine results.

Shortening The Learning Curve When Outsourcing SEO

Choose an SEO outsourcing company that has smart folks. This is important because as they are external people, they do not know your business, your vision and goals, your key offerings vis-à-vis your competitors and what factors affect your business growth. Working with smart folks will ensure that you are able to make them aware about your business and yourself in the most minimal time and with the least number of web meetings, conference calls, onboarding sessions and trainings etc.

Areas That Will Be Covered By Outsourcing SEO

This is an interesting aspect but mostly overlooked. As a business owner you need to make an assessment of your SEO needs and whether you need to outsource SEO in full, or in part. If you need to outsource in part, then you need to identify those parts that will be done by your own set of marketers and those that will be performed by the SEO Company. 


SEO is complex, and it’s important to do it properly and without diluting focus. So, when deciding on how to planand implement SEO activities, think about your needs, your goals, and your budget. This will help you determine whether you should invest in outsourcing or keep SEO in house.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 6+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about Ecommerce SEO and Hire SEO Consultant.